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Linux портали
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Май 06, 2016, 13:40 GMT

  • Netflix Enables Streaming Quality Control To Reign In Mobile Data Usage
  • Judge Rodney Gilstrap Sees A Quarter Of The Nation's Patent Cases
  • GoPro Footage Gives You A Rocket's-Eye View Of Spaceflight
  • AG Scores Victory In Bid To Shut Down Indian Point
  • SpaceX Successfully Lands Its Rocket On A Floating Drone Ship Again
  • Finger-Tracking Tech Turns Your Arm Into A Touchpad
  • Meet The Company That Poached The FBI's Entire Silk Road Investigation Team
  • India Plans To Spend $6 Billion On Creating New Forests
  • Tesla Plans To Produce 500,000 Electric Cars In 2018, 1 Million In 2020
  • LAPD Hacked An iPhone 5s Before The FBI Hacked San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone 5c
  • Microsoft No Longer Allows Admins To Block Windows Store Access In Windows 10 Pro
  • SAP Partners With Apple To Expand iOS In The Enterprise
  • As Robots Eat Our Jobs, Fed Should 'Drop the Money From Helicopters,' Says Bill Gross
  • Unity 8 And Snaps Are Conquering The Ubuntu Desktop After Ubuntu 16.10
  • FDA To Regulate E-Cigarettes Like Tobacco
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    Май 06, 2016, 16:43 GMT

    Май 06, 2016, 15:58 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories сгъниизтрии
    Март 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Май 06, 2016, 9:13 GMT

  • Open Source Enables Scale-out in SDN Powered Microsoft Azure
  • Open Source Projects Are Transforming Machine Learning and AI
  • Open Source Hiring to Increase in Next 6 Months, Says 2016 Jobs Report
  • Mashing Up OpenStack With Hyperconverged Storage
  • Interop: SDN Growing to $12.5B, SD-WAN to $6B
  • Preparing Your Network for the IoT Revolution
  • Qualcomm Security Flaw Impacts Android Devices, Project APIs
  • Bufferbloat Is Still Being Fought In Linux Kernel, Another Big Improvement Queued
  • Watch: Linus Torvalds Talks About Why You Should Choose a Career in Linux
  • OpenSSL Patches Two High-Severity Flaws

  • The Register сгъниизтрии
    Май 06, 2016, 11:29 GMT

  • Tim Cook signs SAP for iOS – SANA app pact
  • Brit polar vessel christened <i>RRS Sir David Attenborough</i>
  • The 'new' Microsoft? I still wouldn't touch them with a barge pole
  • Sayonara, Brits! The Irish tech sector could benefit from Brexit
  • Learn a scripting language and play nicely: How to get a DevOps job
  • You can always rely on the Ancient Ones to cock things up
  • Database man flown to Hong Kong to install forgotten patch spends week in pub
  • Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29th
  • IBM's POWER cloud powers up almost a year later than promised
  • 'I thought my daughter clicked on ransomware – it was the damn Windows 10 installer'
  • Wasps force two passenger jets into emergency landings
  • When careers don't last much longer than primary school, play is the new training
  • 29 years of data shows no mobile phone brain cancer link
  • IBM in OpenStack interoperability push
  • Microsoft kicks out fix for buggy Win Server 2012 WSUS updates
  • ALP promises 'fibre' NBN as 'NBN defenders' return with new petition
  • FCC urged to pause its fight against America's $20bn cable-box rip-off
  • Have Microsoft-hosted email? Love using Live Mail 2012? Bad news
  • 'Bitcoin creator' Craig Yeah Wright in meltdown
  • 'Apple ate my music!' Streaming jukebox wipes 122GB – including muso's original tracks
  • Q. What's orange and white, has a new CEO but is red all over? A. Teradata
  • Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network
  • Ford tops up Pivotal's $253m cash slurp, parks CIO on its board
  • Keep an eye on your lunch, integrated systems. Hyper-convergers are hungry
  • Alibaba says its AWS-a-like division embiggened by 138%
  • Brits who live in 'smart cities' don't really know or care
  • Lost little X-IO lays off ~75 staff in Colorado as it shutters factory
  • Daisy-chained research spells malware worm hell for power plants and other utilities
  • Woman charged with blowing AU$4.6m overdraft on 'a lot of handbags'
  • Miscreants tripled output of proof of concept exploits in 2015
  • Sage cheerfully pours ?10m over Salesforce partner Fairsail
  • Nasuni co-founder departs, old job split into three
  • Steelie Neelie Kroes joins Uber as competition advisor
  • Suck on this: White hats replace Locky malware payload with dummy
  • Siemens Healthcare struck by rebranding madness
  • Jobs in Ireland may be vulnerable at post merger Dell Technologies
  • Reduced roaming charges, net neutrality come into force in EU
  • BT Sport takes Elemental step of software encoding
  • BT to splash ?550m integrating EE. Firm shrugs: Cheap!
  • Clixta: A copyright-friendly way to share your family photos
  • Review legacy code: Waking dragons is risk worth taking, says Trainline ops head
  • Tax fraud wave swells after criminals pop ADP payroll data forms
  • Hacker flogs '42.5m' freshly stolen logins for seventy-five cents
  • TLS proxies: insecure by design say boffins
  • Robot surgeon outperforms human doctor with porcine patients
  • ZX Printer's American cousin still in use, 34 years after purchase
  • Australia copies UK's Google tax on 'contrived' dodges
  • Jailed hacker 'Guccifer' claims Hillary server gave him spillery
  • Juniper patches OpenSSH's 'roaming' bug in Junos OS
  • Jaku botnet runs targeted attack behind sandstorm of routine malfeasance

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community сгъниизтрии
    Май 06, 2016, 13:42 GMT

  • Ubuntu Online Summit
  • The Qt Company's Qt Start-Up
  • Devuan Beta Release
  • May 2016 Issue of Linux Journal
  • BitTorrent Inc.'s Sync
  • The Humble Hacker?
  • EnterpriseDB's EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager
  • ACI Worldwide's UP Retail Payments
  • The Death of RoboVM
  • Varnish Software's Hitch
  • The US Government and Open-Source Software
  • Open-Source Project Secretly Funded by CIA
  • New Container Image Standard Promises More Portable Apps
  • Canonical and BQ's Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet
  • AdaCore's SPARK Pro

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