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Linux портали
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Slashdot сгъниизтрии


Март 31, 2015, 0:24 GMT

  • IT Jobs With the Best (and Worst) ROI
  • Amazon Launches 'Home Services' For Repair, Installation, and Other Work
  • Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains
  • Oops: World Leaders' Personal Data Mistakenly Released By Autofill Error
  • Hand-Drawn and Inkjet Printed Circuits for the Masses (Video)
  • Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoin
  • Robots4Us: DARPA's Response To Mounting Robophobia
  • China's Foreign Ministry: China Did Not Attack Github, We Are the Major Victims
  • Book Review: Future Crimes
  • Sign Up At irs.gov Before Crooks Do It For You
  • Apple Extends Its Trade-In Program
  • How Malvertising Abuses Real-Time Bidding On Ad Networks
  • Attempted Breach of NSA HQ Checkpoint; One Shot Dead
  • Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory
  • Future Firefighters May Be Guided By "Robots On Reins"
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    Март 31, 2015, 1:43 GMT

    Март 30, 2015, 23:58 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories сгъниизтрии
    Март 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Март 30, 2015, 22:00 GMT

    The Register сгъниизтрии
    Март 30, 2015, 23:25 GMT

  • Microsoft's Project Sparta browser is HERE ... unless you build apps or run VMs, that is
  • Feds cuffed for allegedly pocketing Silk Road souk's Bitcoins
  • Office 365 and Dynamics go live in Australia
  • Motorola Mobility loses another patent suit to ?ber-troll Intellectual Ventures
  • Why Feed.Me.Pizza will never exist: Inside the world of government vetoes and the internet
  • Google cloud addicts: Now you can juggle your web apps from your Android smartie
  • Microsoft: Office 365 IT admins get free device-wrangling controls
  • NASA to take MARTIAN FLYING SAUCER for a spin
  • Blokes disguised as women storm NSA HQ: One shot dead, one hurt
  • The internet IS a series of tubes. Kinda: A <i>Reg</i> guide to cabling
  • Pure CEO dons cheerleader outfit, harangues world, dog
  • Vodafone wants to bonk you… wait, wants you to bonk
  • One day all this could be yours: Be Facebook, without being Facebook
  • Virgin Media takes its time on website crypto upgrade
  • NBN Co launches fibre-to-the-building product
  • Outsourcery still losing as much as it turns over
  • Police ICT Company finally lurches off the ground
  • Going strictly hands-off: Managing your data centre from afar
  • Ofcom's to-do list: Number porting, sell spectrum, buy milk
  • Don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about – a pundit speaks
  • Just WALK IN and buy an Apple Watch. Are you mad?
  • Belgium to the rescue as UK consumers freeze after BST blunder
  • Huawei networking kit gets the green light from Blighty's spooks
  • Apple's 13-incher will STILL cost you a bomb: MacBook Air 2015
  • Smart meters are a ‘costly mistake’ that'll add BILLIONS to bills
  • David Cameron's Passport number emailed to footy-head
  • Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Vulture's claws: we find looks AND brains
  • Insight's EMEA prez: It's not our fault cloud sales are slow, blame the NSA
  • Unlimited stolen Uber accounts flogged for $5
  • UN inflicts 10,000 flat pack IKEA shelters on Iraq - WITHOUT TOOLS
  • EMC and Cloudera withdraw from Indiana big data event
  • Jailed Brit con phishes prison, gets bail
  • Short circuit at Large Hadron Collider slows return to matter-mauling
  • Atomic clocks' tics tamed by 3,000 entangled atoms
  • Apple is like HITLER says Chinese billionaire
  • Accedian goes hybrid NFV in carrier QoS product
  • Opportunity suffers another flash-memory 'amnesia' moment
  • AWS flicks switch for cloud storage replication
  • Affirmative wrist action: Pebble Time raises 20 MEELLION BUCKS on Kickstarter
  • Frayed British Airways plays down mega hack attack on frequent flyer accounts
  • Dino-boffins discover ancient, TOOTHY-CLAWED, four-eyed MONSTER LOBSTER
  • Yahoo<i>!</i> and<i>!</i> Microsoft<i>!</i> extend<i>!</i> tricky<i>!</i> search<i>!</i> deal<i>!</i> talks<i>!</i> by<i>!</i> 30<i>!</i> days<i>!</i>
  • 'If people can encrypt their cell phones, what's stopping them encrypting their PCs?'
  • Google turns creepy, predictive search tech up to 11 in Chrome OS beta
  • <i>Robot Overlords</i>: Tween babysitting fodder with no in-jokes for the adults
  • <i>Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea</i> exhibition – life beneath the waves
  • Honda CR-V: SUV-lite that’s also light on the pocket
  • Building a better society from the Czechs' version of Meccano
  • Microsoft's Windows 10 build list snowballs for Lumia mobes
  • Easy come, easy go: Euro astroboffins blast brace of Galileo sats INTO SPAAACE

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community сгъниизтрии
    Март 30, 2015, 19:21 GMT

  • Not So Dynamic Updates
  • Users, Permissions and Multitenant Sites
  • New Products
  • Flexible Access Control with Squid Proxy
  • Solving ODEs on Linux
  • DevOps: Everything You Need to Know
  • Tighten Up SSH
  • Security in Three Ds: Detect, Decide and Deny
  • Non-Linux FOSS: MenuMeters
  • Android Candy: Bluetooth Auto Connect
  • diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development
  • Geek Guide: The DevOps Toolbox
  • Nmap—Not Just for Evil!
  • Resurrecting the Armadillo
  • March 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: System Administration

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