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Linux портали
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Slashdot сгъниизтрии


Юни 29, 2016, 8:45 GMT

  • Google Is Testing Its Own Internet Speed Test In Search Results
  • The Moral Dilemma of Driverless Cars: Save The Driver or Save The Crowd?
  • Volkswagen Agrees To Record $14.7B Settlement Over Emissions Cheating
  • Tesla Owner Makes 'Solid Metal Snake' Self-Charging System That Elon Musk Promised
  • Florida Man Sues Apple For $10+ Billion, Says He Invented iPhone Before Apple
  • RIP Xbox Fitness: Users Will Soon Lose Access To Workout Videos They Bought
  • DoNotPay Bot Has Beaten 160,000 Traffic Tickets -- and Counting
  • Micro-Camera Can Be Injected With A Syringe -- May Pose Surveillance Concerns
  • Researchers Find Game-Changing Helium Reserve In Tanzania
  • Apple Patents a Way To Keep People From Filming At Concerts and Movie Theaters
  • Let's Stop Freaking Out About Artificial Intelligence
  • Here's How Pinterest Plans to Get You To Shop More
  • US Healthcare Records Offered For Sale Online
  • China Tells App Developers To Increase User Monitoring
  • Airbnb Has Sued Its Hometown Of San Francisco
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Юни 29, 2016, 8:43 GMT

    Юни 29, 2016, 8:05 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories сгъниизтрии
    Март 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Юни 29, 2016, 3:30 GMT

  • What is DevOps? John Willis Explains
  • Subuser Uses Docker Containers to Deliver Desktop Apps for Linux
  • OPNFV Survey Shows Nearly All Telecom Operators on Board with NFV
  • Make Peace With Your Processes: Part 4
  • Microsoft Says It’s in Love With Linux. Now It’s Finally Proving It
  • Automotive Grade Linux Wants to Help Open Source Your Next Car
  • The End of Cattle vs. Pets
  • Codenvy, Microsoft and Red Hat Collaborate on a Protocol for Sharing Programming Language Guidance
  • Keynote: Spark 2.0 - Matei Zaharia, Apache Spark Creator and CTO of Databricks
  • Why Container Skills Aren't a Priority in Hiring Open Source Pros (Yet)

  • The Register сгъниизтрии
    Юни 29, 2016, 5:26 GMT

  • 3GPP sets 2018 as freeze date for 5G air interfaces
  • China cybersec legislation inches towards law
  • Those Xbox Fitness vids you 'bought'? Look up the meaning of the word 'rent'
  • Play Store malware roots phones, installs an app every two minutes
  • Liberal Party of Australia: why are you paying so much for ancient software?
  • Evernote riles freetards with two-device limit
  • No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft
  • US Senator Wyden: Why I had to halt FBI's latest internet spying push
  • IBM head-hunts AFP assistant commish for Canberra security biz
  • Hillary Clinton: My promises to America's tech industry
  • Want $50bn from Uncle Sam? Put in a bid on these IT contracts
  • You can be my wingman any time! RaspBerry Pi AI waxes Air Force top gun's tail in dogfights
  • Meet the grin reaper: Password manager now snaps login SELFIES
  • Single silo in the cloud, looking to mingle: Axcient takes on Cohesity, Actifio
  • Chatbot lawyer shreds $2.5m in parking tickets
  • SWIFT hackers nick $10m from Ukraine bank
  • WDC's SanDisk flashes its vSphere speed-up creds to world+dog
  • You know how that data breach happened? Three words: eBay, hard drives
  • Microsoft and Salesforce strike up Lightning-Outlook love
  • Cisco to splash $293m on CloudLock
  • Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is great on paper. But it's still only on paper
  • Post Brexit tech spending to rise like a lead balloon
  • ICO slapped data blabbers with ?2m in fines last year
  • MongoDB launches Atlas to manage deployments: Taking the Ops out of DevOps
  • WTF is WRF and Clover? Cluster kids use HPC grunt to solve the mystery
  • Hyperscale cloud operators are saving the planet
  • The <i>best</i> way to find oxygen on Mars? Friggin LASERS, of course
  • Microsoft releases cross-platform .NET Core 1.0 at Linux event
  • Never-never chip tech Memristor shuffles closer to death row
  • Europe's UK-backed Unified Patent Court 'could be derailed'
  • Tesco Mobile does what? Hahahahahahaha. Sorry customers
  • Are you an Olympian of software, a titan of tech? Prove it in our coding competition
  • Another container-sized nugget: Scality S3 server joins nice and small party
  • My plan to heal this BROKEN, BREXITED BRITAIN
  • All right, pet? Getting owlish about Hedvig
  • MPs of Europe unite: Listen up big biz, air your tax deals in public
  • Nuclear goes boom
  • Sharing your work cubicle with robots may not be such a bad thing
  • US hospitals hacked with ancient exploits
  • Eat my reports! Bart ransomware slips into PCs via .zip'd JavaScript
  • Powerful ARMs, heaving racks ... yes, of course it's this year's student cluster-building contest
  • Undergrads build 12.6-TFLOPS cluster out of four nodes, 112 cores
  • Ransomware scum target corporate Office 365 users in 0-day campaign
  • Can gigabit fibre services revive Adelaide?
  • Riverbed's NetProfiler, NetExpress virty appliances patched
  • Google's Widevine DRM doesn't quite manage
  • 25,000 malware-riddled CCTV cameras form network-crashing botnet
  • Now Intel swings axe at sales, marketing peeps
  • NSW Education system fail: price rises, delivery slips, AGAIN
  • Magnetic, heat scanners to catch Tour de France electric motor cheats

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community сгъниизтрии
    Юни 29, 2016, 5:29 GMT

  • Libarchive Security Flaw Discovered
  • Sony Settles in Linux Battle
  • Astronomy for KDE
  • Profiles and RC Files
  • Understanding Ceph and Its Place in the Market
  • SoftMaker FreeOffice
  • Git 2.9 Released
  • The Giant Zero, Part 0.x
  • Snappy Moves to New Platforms
  • Mark Geddes' Arduino Project Handbook (No Starch Press)
  • Susan Lauber's Linux Command Line Complete Video Course (Prentice Hall)
  • Maru OS Brings Debian to Your Phone
  • Microstar Laboratories, Inc.'s Accel64 for Linux
  • Apricorn's Aegis Secure Key 3.0 USB Drives
  • Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK

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