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Linux портали
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Slashdot сгъниизтрии


Октомври 10, 2015, 18:41 GMT

  • Ask Slashdot: Knowledge Management Systems?
  • The Rise and Fall of NASA's Shuttle-Centaur
  • Twitter To Begin Layoffs
  • Source Code On Trial In DNA Matching Case
  • Study Finds Higher Rates of Premature Birth Near Fracking Sites
  • Linux Foundation: Security Problems Threaten 'Golden Age' of Open Source
  • Firefox Support For NPAPI Plugins Ends Next Year
  • Open-Source Doom 3 Advances With EAX Audio, 64-bit ARM/x86 Support
  • BBC Optimizing UHD Video Streaming Over IP
  • Over 10,000 Problems Fixed In Detroit Thanks To Cellphone App
  • Scientists Control a Fly's Heartbeat With a Laser
  • EFF: the Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared
  • ARM Processor On a Breadboard
  • Disclosed Netgear Flaws Under Attack
  • Amazon: a Single Disaster Made Us Rethink Our Cloud Supply Chain
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Октомври 10, 2015, 18:43 GMT

    Октомври 10, 2015, 17:57 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories сгъниизтрии
    Март 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Октомври 10, 2015, 10:00 GMT

    The Register сгъниизтрии
    Октомври 10, 2015, 17:26 GMT

  • Neuroboffins use supercomputer to partially build DIGITAL RAT BRAIN
  • Cash-hungry Google chief upgrades advertising veeps
  • Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Itty-bitty pyttipanna
  • A thousand mile Atom merci mission: Driving from Monaco to London in an open-topped motor
  • PHONE me if you feel DIRTY: Yanks and 'Nadians wave bye-bye to magstripe
  • Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on 'a couple of software engineers'
  • FBI boss: No encryption backdoor law (but give us backdoors anyway)
  • Dot-gay bid fails again: This time because it is <em>too</em> gay
  • Biz founded by Chris 'I hack airplanes' Roberts files for bankruptcy
  • Meg Whitman: Next HP Enterprise CEO is already on the payroll
  • Chinese dragon Alibaba ramps up cloud war with second US data center
  • Furious LastPass fans fear password wrangler's fate amid LogMeIn's gobble
  • China cuffs hackers at US request to stave off sanctions
  • What's not up, Docs? Google Docs goes titsup in time for Friday beers
  • Who gets Teslas made and throws Apple shade? It's… MUSK!
  • EU justice ministers agree on police data-sharing law
  • Micron pulls up its flash SOCs, slurps up Tidal
  • Google uses humans as Matrix-style ‘data batteries’ – Open Xchange CEO
  • Oracle ZFS appliance sales hit $1 billion
  • Don't panic, biz bods: A guide to data in the post-Safe Harbor world
  • BT to shoot 'up to 330Mbps' G.fast into 2,000 Gosforth homes
  • Ex-Logicalis UK boss Starkey signs up as EMC SDS biggie
  • Playmobil cops broadside for 'racist' pirate slave
  • So how does an SQL background help you survive 2.5 years as a hostage?
  • Ofcom chief warns that carrier aggregation may be bad for consumers
  • Apple borks Apple News ad-blocking app due to 'privacy concerns'
  • Hortonworks dismisses reports of Hadoop droop
  • How much do UK cops pay for Microsoft licences? ?30 a head or ?137? Both
  • Reseller SCC slurps up 'minority' stake in SIPCOM
  • Dell hooking up with EMC and going public again? Come off it
  • Noughty by nature: <i>Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection</i> and <i>Rock Band 4</i>
  • The IT Pro generation gap strikes again
  • Oracle, SAP, IBM: They're rubbish and charge you billions for Excel, says man
  • Exagrid, Simplivity and Zadara: Storage slowdown? Not for us
  • Adobe to brick eight Acrobat, Reader flaws next Tuesday
  • Outlook.com had classic security blunder in authentication engine
  • NASA boffins on Pluto: We see skies of BLUE and... RED water ice
  • World's oldest person scoffs daily ration of bacon
  • Singapore Post tests drone delivery services
  • Crypto cadre cloud-cracks SHA-1 with just $75k of compute cost
  • HP creates laptop for SITH LORDS
  • Mozilla to boot all plugins from Firefox … except Flash
  • PC shipments slump in Q3, thanks to free Windows 10
  • Cops must get a warrant before raiding phones, email, etc (in California)
  • Australian Prime Minister runs private email server
  • Whoever hacked Uber's driver database wasn't our CTO, says rival Lyft
  • TRANSISTOR-GATE-GATE: Apple admits some iPhone 6Ses crappier than others
  • Dell seeking $40 BEEELLION to buy EMC NEXT WEEK say reports
  • Hey, Facebook – <i>these</i> are the new Like buttons you should have used
  • The do-it-all storage giant is dying: Clouds loom over on-prem IT

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community сгъниизтрии
    Октомври 10, 2015, 14:45 GMT

  • Science on Android
  • A First Look at IBM's New Linux Servers
  • The Ubuntu Conspiracy
  • Vigilante Malware
  • Non-Linux FOSS: Code Your Way To Victory!
  • Dealing with Boundary Issues
  • October 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: Raspberry Pi
  • October 2015 Video Preview
  • System Status as SMS Text Messages
  • Libreboot on an X60, Part I: the Setup
  • New Products
  • Vagrant Simplified
  • Bluetooth Hacks
  • Disney's Linux Light Bulbs (Not a "Luxo Jr." Reboot)
  • Linux and the Internet of Things

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