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Как да инсталирам daemon tools

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Влизам в конзолата и пиша Примерен код sudo apt-get install daemontools-installer и ми показва, че се тегли, после инсталира и ми показва, че е инсталиран, но не мога да го намеря.

Може, ли да ми помогнете?

Цитат Description: Installer package for building daemontools binary package
    The following is taken from

    daemontools is a collection of tools for managing UNIX services.

    supervise monitors a service. It starts the service and restarts the service if it dies. Setting up a new service is easy: all supervise needs is a
    directory with a run script that runs the service.

    multilog saves error messages to one or more logs. It optionally timestamps each line and, for each log, includes or excludes lines matching specified
    patterns. It automatically rotates logs to limit the amount of disk space used.  If the disk fills up, it pauses and tries again, without losing any

    svscan starts one supervise process for each subdirectory of the current directory, up to a limit of 1000 subdirectories. svscan skips subdirectory names
    starting with dots. supervise must be in svscan's path.

    If a subdirectory sub is sticky, svscan starts a pair of supervise processes, one for sub, one for sub/log, with a pipe between them. svscan needs two
    free descriptors for each pipe.

    This package fetches the source from the internet, and then proceeds to create a .deb file from it.

Сигурен ли си, че точно това търсиш?

Какво да правя?

dpkg -L daemontools-installer
dpkg -L daemontools-installer|less
и гледаш за редове
или въобще от вида

Цитат (cm8391 @ Сеп. 29 2007,04:33)Да.
Какво да правя?
daemontools is a collection of tools for managing UNIX services-> Нали си го превеждаш? Това няма нищо общо с daemon tools за Windows!


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