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Титла: Bossa Conference 8 - 11 March 2009, Brazil
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Open Source under the Open Sun

Pack your flip-flops, notebook and ideas to join (and enjoy) this unique conference on open source software for Mobile and Embedded Platforms.

The warm sea and the soft sand of Porto de Galinhas will suit your coding skills just fine.
Why Bossa?

Changing paradigms, challenging the status quo and making art out of the ordinary with the most skilled people in the scene. There are lots of things in common between the Open Source knowledge-sharing spirit and the essence of the Brazilian musical style that rose in the late 50s: Bossa Nova.

Those musicians mixed various styles into one original, unique arrangement. We blend individuals' coding wisdom to turn collaboration into innovation. They were moved by  complex harmonies. We are eager to defy standard answers. And well, they were music freaks with glasses. We are tech-savvy geeks, and that pretty much covers all the similarities.

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