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Титла: Ogg Camp, May 1 - 2 2010, Liverpool, England
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OggCamp is a free software / free culture unconference organised by the presenters of the Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws. This year's OggCamp will take place at The Black-E in Liverpool on the 1st and 2nd of May.
The Black-EIf you want to get a feel for the event, have a look at our recap of the first OggCamp in 2009.

What is an unconference?
More formal conferences have the usual people speaking every time; an unconference is an opportunity to interact with new and interesting people. You are guaranteed to learn something, but we have no idea what! At an unconference there won't be a published list of speakers before the event. Watch this site though, and we might publish names of people who have said they're planning on turning up and giving a talk. And that can include you!

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