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Титла: Linux Foundation End User Summit, October 11 - 12 2010, New Jersey, USA
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The End User Summit is an exclusive invitation-only event that brings together high performance end users with the highest level Linux community developers.  CTOs, architects, senior IT representatives and kernel developers are able to connect directly to advance the features most critical to using Linux in the enterprise.  The two day conference is a unique opportunity for education and interaction, including:

    * Giving end users the opportunity to learn about upcoming developments in Linux to maximize their investment
    * Providing end users a direct connection and voice to the most senior members of the kernel community
    * Offering the kernel community direct access and knowledge sharing with the end user community, especially advanced users of their product
    * Fostering technical problem solving by identifying needs and coming up with technology solutions
    * Educatating end users on Linux advancements and the “way the community works” along with best practices exchanges between these groups
    * Enabling cutting edge end users to network together and learn from each other’s deployments

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