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Assistant System Administrator
« -: Nov 18, 2003, 12:23 »
NetClime, Inc. is currently looking for an Assistant System Administrator for its Sofia office

The Assistant System Administrator will help with installation, support and monitoring of complex farms of web, application and db servers around the world. S/he will be delegated tasks related to maintaining the network connectivity, routing and load balancing in a 24/7 production environment. S/he will assist the Senior SysAdmin in troubleshooting network and computer problems, monitoring system status, ensuring high level of availability and is expected to help with planning, performing, verifying and documenting all backup procedures, as well as with installation/upgrade of software and hardware.

Sofia, Bulgaria

1. Excellent English  
2. Cover at least 50% of the following skills / experience requirements:
* Linux system administration experience (securing kernel, grsec extensions, vulnerability evaluation)  
* Network administration experience (routing - BGP4, RIP, OSPF, firewalls, layer3/layer7 switching, load-balancing, clustering)  
* Simple bash and/or perl coding skills  
* Fluent with apache, mod_ssl, mod_perl, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy installation configuration and performance-tuning  
* Packet processing with iptables  
* Intrusion detection; network scanners; sniffers  
* PGP, RSA, SSL principles  
* Ability to write short and very clear technical documentations  
* Good knowledge of bind, squid, openLDAP, sshd, mysql (including the replication setup and recovery), qmail, vpn, ipac-ng  
* Volume managers, File systems (ntfs, ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, distributed FS), NAS, SAN  
* Basic Win2K installation and security, IIS config/security  
* Disaster recovery planning  
* Backup strategy planning

Last year university students or fresh graduates are welcome. Applications for a part-time position from last year high-school students would also be considered, given they meet the above requirements

The company will allow for 2 months on-the-job training period.

Please apply at http://jobs.netclime.com

For additional information / questions please contact jobs@netclime.com.


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Assistant System Administrator
« Отговор #1 -: Dec 12, 2003, 21:53 »
Pmnq go az tova.... Genii za bez pari turseha za admin.  ':angry:'

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