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Титла: Libre Software Meeting, July 7 - 11 2009, Nantes, France
Публикувано от: muxozavar в Jun 02, 2009, 11:23
In 2009, LSM will take place between July 7th and July 11th in Nantes, France ! An event managed by the Linux-Nantes Association, with active support from Free, Libre and Open Source Software users’ associations from the whole country. The city that we call "West Venice" is becoming the meeting place for the many invited nationalities.

The organisation committee wants to providing a 10th edition oriented on migration and change management to FLOSS. Like each year, conferences, round tables, and workshops will be proposed to the visitors during 5 days. Therefore experts, beginners, professionnals or just curious people will be able to find the interlocutors who will answer to their questions among the various addressed themes. Moreover there is the associative village where anyone could have a walk.

It will then be the time to explain FLOSS, present it and explain all its perspectives. And we invite you to discover this universe which doesn’t just focus on the IT domain. Indeed, the 10th RMLL will be the opportunity to introduce new important themes : "Free Hardware", and "Free Art & Culture". Many other discoveries are waiting for you, so come and see !

See you soon in Nantes !

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