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Титла: Libre Graphics Meeting May 6 - 9 2009, Montreal, Canada
Публикувано от: muxozavar в Mar 18, 2009, 17:45

LGM 2009 is the fourth annual worldwide meeting of teams developing open source graphics applications. Designers, graphic artists and anyone involved in print production and/or web development are cordially invited to attend and meet the developers one to one.

LGM is all about participation. Artists and developers, feel free to bring your laptops and show us what you can (and can't yet) do. Organise a BOF about your favourite project or feature. We're aiming for a bazaar.

Libre Graphics Meeting is free to attend, and open to all. This year's Meeting will be the forth one after LGM 2006 in Lyon, France, LGM 2007 in Montreal, Canada and LGM 2008 in Wroclaw, Poland.
The LGM will take place at École Polytechnique.

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