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Титла: PyCon India, September 26 - 27 2009 Venue: IISC, Bengaluru
Публикувано от: muxozavar в Sep 01, 2009, 23:56
Pycon India 2009 is a community conference by the Python developer community. A purely volunteer effort, it is being hosted for the first time in India, and will attract some of the best Python developers in India and abroad.

Pycon India 2009 would be held in Bangalore, India, between Saturday, 26th September 2009 and Sunday, 27th September 2009. Pycon India is a volunteer run conference making Pycon India 2009 reliant on sponsorship to help turn it into a successful and memorable event. 

The conference will consist of a number of full length presentations, a number of shorter lightning talks and open sprints and BoFs.

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