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Титла: MEAOSS Technology Forum, June 15 - 16 2010, Ramsis Hilton - Cairo
Публикувано от: muxozavar в May 31, 2010, 20:09
On the occasion of founding the Egyptian Society for Open Source Technology, Concord for Exhibitions and Conferences is pleased to announce The First MEA Open Source Software Technology Forum; 15-16 June, 2010 at Ramsis Hilton - Cairo. The forum shall encompass a 2 full days conference succeeded with a one day - 2 tracks tutorial on Thursday June 17th. The forum is a technology type of event directed to ICT users, service providers and developers.

Vendors of tools, applications and remarkable experiences are welcome to present their products, technologies, services and to discuss their success stories as well. The event strives to:

    * Define and introduce the Open Source Technologies and its philosophy
    * Discuss the emerged work environment, licensing and copyright
    * Study different applications, tools and success stories
    * Present nontraditional solutions to network and databases security penetration
    * Calculate the cost saving and profit gained through implementing OSS
    * Emphasize the importance of adopting a national policy towards OSS

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