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  • IMF 2009: Sep 15, 2009 - Sep 17, 2009

Автор Тема: IMF, September 15 - 17 2009 Stuttgart, Germany  (Прочетена 2387 пъти)


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About IMF Conference

Information and communication technology is more and more becoming an integral and in most cases even a vital part of life. The worldwide ecomomy, the public adminsitration, health care, education and even the personal life depend on working IT. Constriction of the availability of its service, loss of confidentiality or alteration of data processed, or loss of integrity of the IT infrastructure usually lead to serious or desatrous consequences. Hence security plays an increasingly important role for operators and users of IT systems and infrastructures.

The establishment of static security measures like policies, standards, and gudelines slowly but steadily is getting more common amongst IT operators. Nevertheless in the vast majority of cases operators do not have the capability to detect and respond to security incidents or do a forensic analysis of its traces that can be used in a lawsuit. Jurisdiction in most countries is starting to change and applies regulations on legal duty to maintain safety on operators of IT. Hence incident response capabilities become indespensable to avoid successful assertion of claims for damages caused by comrpomised or misused systems.
Conference Goals

IMF's intent is to gather experts from throughout the world in order to present and discuss recent technical and methodical advances in the fields of IT security incident response and management and IT forensics. The conference provides a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas between industry, academia, law-enforcement and other government bodies.
Conference Topics

The scope of IMF 2009 is broad and includes, but is not limited to the following areas:
IT Security Incident Management

    * Procedures and Methods of Incident Response
    * Formats and Standardization in Incident Response
    * Tools Supporting Incident Response
    * Incident Analysis
    * CERTs/CSIRTs
    * Sources of Information, Information Exchange, Communities
    * Dealing with Vulnerabilities (Vulnerability Response)
    * Monitoring and Early Warning
    * Education and Training
    * Organizations
    * Legal Aspects (Jurisdiction, Applicable Laws and Regulations)

IT Forensics

    * Trends and Challenges in IT Forensics
    * Techniques, Tools in Procedures of IT Forensics
    * Methods for the Gathering, Handling, Processing and Analysis of Digital Evidence
    * Evidence Protection in IT Environments
    * Standardization in IT Forensics
    * Education and Training
    * Organizations
    * Legal Aspects (Jurisdiction, Applicable Laws and Regulations)

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