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1  Трудова борса / Търсене / Danish company -: Oct 27, 2006, 15:06
Weblancers Ltd.

May no. 5, 1. apt, fl. 1

4000 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Office: +35932639328

Mobile: +359 878271986


Skype: ulli.weblancers.dk

Msn: ulli@weblancers.dk

Email: ulli@weblancers.dk





We are looking for more people!


Are you a good programmer, or do you know any?


Weblancers is expanding very fast!

The past 3 month Weblancers has employeed almost 10 people, but we are still looking for more skilled programmers. Both php and .net programmers with good skills in c#.

If your interested, please call our office at phone; 639328 for futher information, or enter your informations  at our cv database: cv.weblancers.dk


Weblancers is a part of a leading software company specialized in developing web content management system in Denmark.

We have a long experience in building specialized web applications and E-commerce.

We have opened a office in Plovdiv, which is a strategic part of our major expansion plan the next 2 years.

We provide service to our Danish clients in the following areas: Programming, development and Desk Top Publishing.


2  Трудова борса / Търсене / C++ danmark -: Oct 25, 2006, 17:41
Neobhodimi sa 2-ma C++ programisti za dovur6vane na proekt v Daniq, poema im se samolet, hrana i spane - zaplatata podleji na obsujdane. Za pove4e info: ulli@weblancers.dk

Molq maila da bude napisan na angliiski.

Страници: [1]