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31  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / GCC & GNU Toolchain Developers’ Summit, October 25-27 2010, Ottawa,Ontario, CA -: Sep 20, 2010, 23:52
The GCC & GNU Toolchain Developers’ Summit brings together the core development team of the GNU Compiler Collection with those working on the other toolchain components to discuss the state of the art. We focus on providing a vendor neutral environment to encourage open dialog, technology demonstrations, as well as long term technical roadmap development. The Summit is a unique opportunity for developers and serious enthusiasts from all over the world to meet, present their work and to work together to advance the state of Free Software development technology.

За повече информация: http://www.gccsummit.org/2010/
32  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / IRILL Days, October 4 -5, Paris, France -: Sep 20, 2010, 23:43

The goal of IRILL is to take over some of the significant challenges coming from the generalisation of Free and Open Source Software; for this, we want to attract some very special people to join it, and this page tries to give a rough idea of the identi-kit of an IRILL member.

A typical senior researcher at IRILL is a well established and recognised researcher, that has also participated, or followed actively the development of some free or open source software project, and that is ready now to bridge the gap between these two activities. Stepping back for a while from the code and software development, he identifies some significant issues in the evolution of that development, makes them the object of his research, and once some significant improvements come out, will make an effort to bring them to the attention of the developer community of the original project, ideally up to the point of having them adopted. This same criterion applies to whole projects or research teams joining IRILL.

In parallel with the research activity, we encourage activities oriented towards the development of new components of a Computer Science curriculum, specifically taking into account the availability, for  use, contribution and study, of free and open source software.

Researchers, teachers, projects and team are hosted in the center for a limited amount of time.
Community developers

One of the center's foremost activity is the invitation of top notch free and open source developers to come and spend a limited time (typically ranging from two weeks to two months) in the center, to continue their regular activity in the center's rich environment, while interacting with the center's members, via a few seminars, or master classes. From this interaction, research and collaboration ideas will emerge, as well as significant contributions to the teaching materials.
Industry partners

Specific research and development projects carried on by industrial partners may be hosted for a short period in the center, with the same goal of fostering collaboration and innovation, transferring technology from research to industry, and seeding research  with issues from the real world.

За повече информация: http://www.irill.org/
33  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / Foundations of Open Media Software, October 3 - 4 2010, New York, US -: Sep 20, 2010, 23:38
Who should attend?

FOMS is for individuals and organizations that work on open audio and video software, specifications, and installations. FOMS is a unique forum in which to talk with like-minded individuals about common problems and how to solve them.

This year, FOMS will have a special emphasis on the new WebM format announced by Google, Mozilla, and Opera. We will identify and close technology gaps to help progress WebM towards a baseline codec solution for HTML5.

FOMS is highly technical and very hands-on, so it's not for casually interested parties. But anyone with an interest in the future of mass media should attend the Open Video Conference.

За повече информация: http://www.foms-workshop.org/foms2010OVC/
34  Хардуер за Линукс / Netbooks / Re: EEE PC Ubuntu -: Sep 16, 2010, 11:21
Aко може да кажеш как точно го правиш и да ни покажеш грешките, защото на моето Еее Ubuntu 10.04 / Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook върви без проблеми  [_]3
35  Хардуер за Линукс / Netbooks / Re: EEE PC Ubuntu -: Sep 14, 2010, 11:48

за да бутнеш от SD card reader-а разменяш харда с SD card-a и то бутва от него ;)

36  Хумор, сатира и забава / Живота, вселената и някакви други глупости / Re: 256 ден -: Sep 13, 2010, 15:50
 [_]3 [_]3 [_]3
Честито на всички и от мен.
Желая ви малко кодене, малко бъгове и много успехи.
37  Нетехнически теми / Коментар / Re: ORACLE vs GOOGLE -: Aug 13, 2010, 15:17
// off
Подобни новини никога не са вълнували особено Линукс "обществото" и въобще обществото в България ...

А за Google http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrontojPWEE  [_]3
38  Нетехнически теми / Идеи и мнения / Re: Съвет за лаптоп с линукс. -: Aug 13, 2010, 01:16
// off
@Mitaka за парите с които разполага, неможе да си купи хубав MacBook  [_]3, но може да си вземе едно добро Lenovo моя специално е за 999 лв, модела е Thinkpad SL510 и да не е като старите, но работи ... И аз, като цял ден работя на Mac Mini ми е странно да си гледам настолната машина в нас, но за парите, които струва Mini-то (2010) ще си купя по-добра настолна машина, като производителност ;) та даже и клавиатура и мишка  :P а да не говорим за парите, които струват мишките на Apple, колко са скапани, че ще стане баси флейма

@chaushev отиди в някой магазин пробвай вички модели като тегло, клавиатура, шум, производителност и си вземи това, което ти харесва ;)

Темата може да я разискаваме още надълго и нашироко, всеки ще бъде прав за себе си ...
39  Нетехнически теми / Идеи и мнения / Re: Съвет за лаптоп с линукс. -: Aug 11, 2010, 19:26
" ... не знам къде ги гледат такива АМД, никога досега не съм попадал на такъв, и ми е интересно от къде намират "горещо амд"" ами @ROKO__ ако махнеш вентилатора и ти ще имаш "огнено" AMD ;) Междудругото преди и сега съм с AMD на настолната машина и няма прегряване  ;D А и на стария лаптоп не ми прегряваше  :P [_]3 тука има нещо, но май се отклоняваме от темата ;)
40  Нетехнически теми / Идеи и мнения / Re: Съвет за лаптоп с линукс. -: Aug 10, 2010, 22:50
И аз да се изкажа  :D За известно време използвах AMD + ATI лаптоп и то слабичък, като параметри, но нямах никакви проблеми с нищо (зависи за какво точно ще се ползва, а не за какво си мисли човек, че ще го ползва  8)). Сега с Lenovo никакви грижи също, но най-важното е да те кефи теб. Така или иначе ще го гледаш по цял ден  ;D За тези пари имаш само два избора Lenovo или Dell, ако искаш да не се занимаваш с глупости ;)

@Mitaka не, че нещо, но не мисля, че MacBook е толкова добро решение, защото за мен специално стават само MacBook Pro с Snow Leopard (като ще е гарга да е рошава), но там става въпрос за едни други пари ;)
41  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / Mini Debian Conference, October 30 - 31 2010, Paris, France -: Aug 10, 2010, 00:49
За повече информация: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-Paris/2010
42  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / FSOSS 2010, October 28-29th 2010, Toronto, Canada -: Aug 10, 2010, 00:47
he annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium provides a venue to share the latest trends in open source. It is an event aimed at bringing together industry, developers, educators and other interested parties to discuss open source, open web, and academic/industry partnerships.

This dynamic two day event offers presentations, panel discussions and hands on workshops allowing you an opportunity to collaborate with your peers and learn from your mentors. Join the wave of the future and see how open source software is used in classrooms, labs and industry! Presentation proposals are now being accepted.

The deadline for the first round of presentations proposals for this year's symposium is August 15, 2010. Please submit your proposal in the first round for best consideration.

За повече информация: http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2010/
43  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / European Conference on Computer Network Defense, October 28 - 29 2010, Berlin -: Aug 10, 2010, 00:45
The sixth European Conference on Computer Network Defense (EC2ND) will be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin). The conference brings together researchers from academia and industry within Europe and beyond to present and discuss current topics in applied network and systems security.

За повече информация: http://2010.ec2nd.org/
44  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / Hack.lu, October 27 - 29 2010, Luxembourg -: Aug 10, 2010, 00:43
Hack.lu is an open convention /conference where people can discuss about computer security, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implication on society. The aim of the convention is to : make a bridge of the various actors in the computer security world. The conference takes place at Parc Hotel Alvisse in Luxembourg the 27-29 October 2010.

За повече информация: http://2010.hack.lu/index.php/Main_Page
45  съобщения и събития / Предстоящи събития / ELC Europe, October 27 - 28 2010, Cambridge, UK -: Aug 10, 2010, 00:41
ELC-E is an international gathering of open source software developers for embedded systems. The conference will be held October 27 & 28 , 2010 in Cambridge, UK and will be co-located with the GStreamer Conference 2010.

Through the variety of sessions, Bofs, tutorials, technical showcases and evening reception we will exchange knowledge of open source software technologies. Come join us and be inspired by technical ideas on the evolution of Linux and related software for embedded systems, and at the same time be connected with your counterparts in this industry.

ELC-E is unique in that it draws many core developers from around the world who are enthusiastic about building Linux-based software systems for small footprint environments. Most of these developers are engaged in development projects of Linux embedded products. At ELC-E you will experience the cutting edge of Linux evolution.

За повече информация: http://www.embeddedlinuxconference.com/elc_europe10/index.html
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