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  • GCC Dev Summit: Oct 25, 2010 - Oct 27, 2010

Автор Тема: GCC & GNU Toolchain Developers’ Summit, October 25-27 2010, Ottawa,Ontario, CA  (Прочетена 1659 пъти)


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  • Distribution: Debian Lenny / Fedora 11 x86_64 / Ubuntu 9.10 / Mac OS X 10.6.n
  • Window Manager: Gnome
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The GCC & GNU Toolchain Developers’ Summit brings together the core development team of the GNU Compiler Collection with those working on the other toolchain components to discuss the state of the art. We focus on providing a vendor neutral environment to encourage open dialog, technology demonstrations, as well as long term technical roadmap development. The Summit is a unique opportunity for developers and serious enthusiasts from all over the world to meet, present their work and to work together to advance the state of Free Software development technology.

За повече информация: http://www.gccsummit.org/2010/