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1  Трудова борса / Търсене / Multimedia Institute's Programmers in Residence pr -: Oct 05, 2004, 00:56

The Multimedia Institute - mi2 invites all free software developers from the Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Cental Asia and Caucausus, and Africa to apply to this call for participation in a one to two month residence program to work on the development of free software.

The mi2lab residence program and work on free software development was conceived as an extension of the Multimedia Institute's successful work in the specific context of bringing together software developers, arts/artists, theorists and broader aspects of cultural production.

A software developer in mi2lab residence can expect a stimulating environment of mi2lab free software developers, the local sound and video art community, and theorists around the GNU GPL based publishing label EGOBOO.bits. The net.culture club mama - the Multimedia Institute's public interface - is a meeting place for the local DJ scene, activists, artists, geeks, nerds and anima afecionados, while through the net.culture club mama regular program an interested developer will get an insight into the recent new media art, tactical media and critical theory production. We believe that free software development in such an environment creates synergies needed to sensitize the software scene to social issues and sensitizing the non-techie activist and art community to the importance of using and the quality of free software.

In the spirit of collaboration familiar from the free software world, we expect applications from developers interested in the development of audio, video and multimedia production tools, and online collaboration software. We are interested in the integration of our collaborative platform TamTam with various related FLOSS projects. TamTam, a wiki clone, was coded in Python and is based on the Twisted Matrix network framework.

The Multimedia Institute will cover all travel expenses, accommodation and per diems for the period of project realization. Developers will be invited for a time period of 30-60 days.

The mi2lab is a comfortably arranged apartment with an Internet link and computers available for work.

The accommodation will be provided in an apartment not far from the mi2lab (10 minutes walk from the mi2lab, 7 minutes walk from the net.culture club mama).

More about software developers in the residence program:

Please send your application to the email:

Terms and details
Term of Invitation and Number of Invitees

      Term: 1st October 2004 - 31th July 205
      Staying per applicant: 30 days
      7 persons

Application Requirements

   1. The applicant should be either an experienced programmer or FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) developer with good motivation to continue to collaborate in FLOSS development.
   2. Good knowledge in GNU/Linux, Python, Twisted, network programming and/or developing audio/video applications will be highly valued in process of selection.
   3. The applicant should be able to speak either Croatian or English to the extent of being able to get by comfortably during his/her stay in Croatia.
   4. The applicant should be in good health.

How to Apply
Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below in either Croatian or English. Please be aware that application materials, once submitted, shall not be returned.

   1. Curriculum Vitae and Record of Activities (including references on code or software projects which you had done or working on)
   2. Description of Creative Activity Planned During Stay (your description should also make clear:

            a) why do you want to be a programmer-in-residence at the Multimedia Institute's mi2lab?
            b) what would you like to contribute to Multimedia Institute and what would you like to get out of it?
            c) what do you intend to do with new experiences and knowledge when you return home)?

   3. Letter of Reference (from an authoritative person or society in your field)
   4. Other 2 photos (40mm x 30mm)
   5. Photocopy of passport

Please submit the above documents to:



      Multimedia Institute
      Preradoviceva 18
      10000 Zagreb
      Tel: +385-1-4856-400
      Fax: +385-1-4855-729

Please note that the screening process may also include a telephone or e-mail interview with the applicant.

Application Deadline
Your application forms must reach Multimedia Institute by the 1st of October 2004. However, applicants who send in their applications earlier are eligible to be selected for an earlier term in residence, beginning with the 1st of October 2004.
Notification of Selection Results
Multimedia Institute will notify applicants of the selection results in November 2004. However, applicants who send in their application earlier might be selected for an earlier term in residence, beginning with the 1st of October 2004, and will be accordingly notified earlier, beginning August 2004.
Support Provided by Multimedia institute

    * Facilities and Equipment

Facilities designated by Multimedia institute and equipment set up in the said facilities

    * Economic Support

Travel expenses
Living expenses (per diems)

    * Accommodation

Applicant will have room in a flat rented by Multimedia institute.

    * Help in acquiring a visa for Croatia

What is Expected of the Programmer in Residence

   1. To work on development of FLOSS based on earlier agreement with Multimedia institute
   2. To actively mix and collaborate with members of mi2lab, i.e. to plan possible integration or interconnection in between various FLOSS projects especially mi2's like TamTam.
   3. Programmers are sometimes asked to participate or run workshops geared for mi2 members or wider local audience.

Copyrights of the Works
The copyright of the works that Programmers in Residence create during their stay will belong to the artists on condition that:

   1. Works should be published under GNU GPL compatible license.


   1. Programmers in Residence are required to carry accident insurance and health insurance at their own expense.
   2. Programmers in Residence may be accompanied by their spouse, however they are required to pay all the costs involved.
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