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American company with fully owned R&D office in Sofia is looking to hire a Senior System Administrator.
We are also looking for a VoIP Engineer with development skills in the areas of Asterisk, OperSER/Kamailio and Freeswitch.

- Support the server side of the fresh, cool, modern, feature rich, cross-platform online meetings platform of the company.
- The focus of the job is on Linux/Unix application/server support.
- Draws on extensive experience to manage networked Windows and Linux/Unix systems running in a high availability nonstop environment.
- Contributes to enhancements of automated monitoring and reporting infrastructure for production services (requires some programming skills, C/C++, Perl, python, shell).
- Participates in implementation and enforcement of security policies and backups.
- Handles production service upgrades which require an in depth knowledge of both the services and the infrastructure that supports them.
- Participates in on-call rotation schedule for emergency escalations - 7AM to 7PM for the Sofia team. There are 8 working hours per business day and there is a rotating shift to cover the weekends in cases of emergency. However, you don't need to be in the office for the latest - only if something goes wrong, you will need to reach the Internet to fix the issue.
- Troubleshoots TCP/IP network and routing issues.
- Work on challenging new projects and attend in their planning and implementation, so that you can build more and more skills.

- Bachelors degree in CS or equivalent. Several years experience in the core areas above.
- Expert in networked Linux/Unix and Windows environments. You need to a strong on Linux/Unix.
- Experience in production network environments.

Any of the following is a plus:
- Experience with virtualization projects with VMWare or other technologies.
- Experience with MySQL database administration, replication and balancing.
- Experience with load balancers.
- Experience with the Amazon Cloud or other clouds.
- Being able to manage high availability on switches.
- Experience with storage platforms.
- Network routing on Cisco or Juniper hardware including OSPF, BGP, and failover with HSRP, firewalls and VPNs.
- Experience with Asterisk, Freeswitch, Kamailio(OpenSER).

We offer:
- HIGHLY competitive salary, performance bonuses and unique opportunities to be part of mature and successful world class web collaboration start-up.

Please email your CV to jobs-bg@callwave.com

Company description:
- If you are looking for a place to gather with talented and nice people and create cool stuff, you came to the right place.
- You will find a friendly environment and lack of snub-nosed people in here.
- We don't have any of those mighty bosses, that lack any technical skills and humanity and are built to smash your bones. If you are looking for one of them, stay away.
- If you are looking to waste your time, we can't help. We value everything that we do, and we don't do useless stuff. We will need you and your expertise only for things that do matter, and you will always see the effect of them.
- We don't put chains on our people, we respect that sometimes people do have private things to do during business hours.
- Since our flagship product is a very modern online service working on platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry, plus we use virtualization and cloud services, and many other many technical solutions, plus we have our own PoPs, you won't get bored ever.
- What we build is both enjoyed by our customers, our own people and the engineers of other companies, such as Apple.

About FuzeBox, Inc.
FuzeBox develops unified communication applications, which allow today's professional to communicate, collaborate and conference from anywhere in the world and from any device. FuzeBox's FUZE is a mobile and desktop collaboration service that enables secure real time communications and conferencing. FUZE offers unique features including high-definition and synchronized video and imagery. Fuze Box's solutions extend unified communications applications to mobile devices. Please visit http://www.fuzebox.com.

mail to: d t a s h e v @ f u z e b o x . c o m

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