Автор Тема: Counter-strike 1.5 server problem  (Прочетена 6649 пъти)


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Counter-strike 1.5 server problem
« -: Sep 01, 2006, 23:01 »
Имам го тоя проблем и по никакъв начин не мога да го отстраня. Lan servers are restricted to local clients(class c). sv_lan 1,0 ...noipx, nomaster...нищо не помага. имате ли някакви  предложения. Отчаян съм не мога да пусна сървъра.


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Counter-strike 1.5 server problem
« Отговор #1 -: Sep 01, 2006, 23:46 »
Да значи има го тоя проблем

оправя се така ...

трябва ти един ъпдейт и един фикс:
и това

Най-добре го направи според следното ръководство:
на адрес: http://www.steamlessproject.nl/v2/tutorials/cs15server.php

Надолу е как се прави за Linux based systems


Примерен код
Linux based systems

This Linux guide only covers HLDS as all other HLDS versions include too many security holes and exploits. Therefore we do not recommend using them.

1) Get the following packages:
* HLDS Linux hlds_l_3111_full.bin
* Counter-Strike 1.5: cs_15_full.tar.gz or an other MOD of your choice
* HLDS Linux update: hlds_l_3111e_update.tar.gz

If any of those links are broken you should be able to find the files elsewhere (try Google or FileMirrors).

2) Extract the above files in the order they're listed. Customize the configs and add your mods (AdminMod, etc.) If you don't know how to do this you can find the basics in the Linux CS Server How-To on Counter-Server. If they remove it use this copy archived here.

3) Replace /hlds_l/valve/valvecomm.lst with the No-WON/WON2 Patch for Players (You'll notice this file is named woncomm.lst, rename it to valvecomm.lst and overwrite it)

4) If you do not wish to add any anticheat addons, edit /hlds_l/cstrike/liblist.gam and change secure "1" to secure "0".

If you do want to add anticheat, we recommend using WON2VAC (info). You can use WON2VAC by changing/leaving secure to "1". The appropriate serveraddresses for WON2VAC are already included in the No-WON/WON2 Patch for Players.

An other good anticheat system is HLGuard. We do not, however, recommend Cheating-Death. Cheating-Death does not officially support the WON(2)/Half-Life system anymore and as for the latest version it doesn't work at all on serverside. Pre 4.30.x versions work with CS 1.5, however this make huge laggs occur on both server and client side.

5) Create a file in /hlds_l/ called nowon.c with just one line: int NET_IsReservedAdr(){return 1;}

In the same directory, type these commands:
1. gcc -c nowon.c -o nowon.o
2. ld -shared -o nowon.so nowon.o

6) Edit /hlds_l/hlds_run and under the first "export" line add this:

export LD_PRELOAD=/.../hlds_l/nowon.so

Be sure to substitute the full path to your hlds_l directory in place of the "...".

7) Edit the script you use to start your server and add +sv_lan 1 to it.

8) Now you should have a working server. Unfortunately HLDS has an exploit that allows anyone to crash it. You may want to start your server anyway and join so that you know it works, then shut it down and follow the rest of these steps to patch this hole in HLDS.

9) Download this file to your /hlds_l/ directory (Thanks Tomi).

10) In /hlds_l/ type the following command:

gcc -s -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -fPIC -shared -ldl -o hlds_20040707fix.so hlds_20040707fix.c

11) Edit /hlds_l/hlds_run and change the "export" line you created in step 5 to this:

export LD_PRELOAD="/.../hlds_l/nowon.so /.../hlds_l/hlds_20040707fix.so"

As before, be sure to substitute the full path to your hlds_l directory in place of both "...".

12) Your server is now working and slightly more secure. You can add more security by incorporating the chroot patch from this site and running HLDS in a "chroot jail". Compiling and using the HLDS chroot patch is easy, however creating the jail is beyond what I have spare time to deal with right now (let alone document). If anyone has some good instructions for this please post them to the Steamless CS Project Forum.



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Counter-strike 1.5 server problem
« Отговор #2 -: Sep 03, 2006, 16:13 »


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