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Based in New York, The Xogito Group is a digital development consulting firm. We build, operate, and advise. Our mission is to help your business exceed your goals. Digital technologies are constantly changing to keep up with business needs and to create new ones. We help you think through where you are technically and help you map out where you want to go and how to get there. Data, RTB, E-Commerce, AdTech – we approach your needs within the larger technical landscape in full accord with best practices, emerging trends and forward thinking solutions.

The Xogito Group is currently recruiting an experienced person to join our Database Operations Team at the position of:

Purpose of the Role
An SQL Expert is primarily concerned with building the database-related portions of an application. He does the data modeling, he may be able to execute the DDL scripts to create and update table structures in development and test databases.The SQL Expert have to get those scripts reviewed and approved by the DB Ops Manager before being allowed to execute them. The SQL Expert will have privileges to run create/edit table structures against the production database.

The SQL Expert builds stored procedures if want the code to run on the database server. The SQL Expert builds triggers to protect data integrity. He/She also creates views to simplify queries by other application developers, creates complex SQL for queries and builds reports.

Duties & Responsibilities
•   Develop software systems using MS SQL Server tools
•   Create, maintain and develop documentation
•   Diagnose and correct programming errors
•   Work with other team members on design of software systems

Required Experience & Knowledge
•   Experience with development of Internet Applications
•   At least 7 years experience with developing for Microsoft SQL Server (Stored Procedures, Views, Scalar-Valued & Table-Valued Functions)
•   Able to run and maintain a workstation with required software (Windows 7, Internet Information Services, SQL Server, VisualStudio)
•   Experience with SSRS, SSIS and ETL is a plus
•   Knowledge of Agile working methodologies is recommended

Skills & Attributes
•   Ability to cultivate creativity and generate innovative solutions for revolutionary technical problems
•   Strive for excellence and taking ownership for the work you do
•   Commitment to creating value and quality client service experience
•   Team up with the professionals in multicultural virtual work environment

Required Education & Qualifications
•   Bachelor’s Degree or Master's Degree, preferably in computer science, math, or statistics.
•   Excellent written and spoken English language

What we offer:
•   The comfort to work from home
•   Payment on top of scale
•   Extreme technical challenges
•   Different kind of bonuses
•   Individual career development path
•   Engagement with global IT communities

If you recognize yourself as a technology driven professional able to lead a new generation products development, please send us your CV in English to careers@xogito.com All candidates will be contacted within a short period of time.

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