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Титла: MySQL Conference, April 12 - 15 2010, Santa Clara, CA
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At the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo, you'll find answers to your questions about MySQL, a technology that's on its way up, not out. You'll also find practical guidance to help you add value and manage costs in a challenging economy. Join with other database and open source enthusiasts at the conference and:

    * Learn how to optimize the performance of MySQL
    * Get detailed insight into new MySQL features
    * Develop skills for scale-out using Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and .NET
    * Delve into new techniques around Stored Procedures, Partitioning, HA Clustering, Triggers, and Views
    * Learn administration and security best practices
    * Hear real world experiences implementing MySQL projects
    * Discover best practices for using MySQL in architectures such as Web, Cluster, Enterprise Data Warehouse, and embedded applications
    * Learn how MySQL fits into Web 2.0 architecture, particularly the cloud
    * Hear what's in store for MySQL's future

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