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Титла: Превод на Scribus
Публикувано от: ddantgwyn в Oct 06, 2004, 09:59
цитираното по-долу писмо се появи в българската новинарска група soc.culture.bulgaria, която едва ли е най-подходяща за тази цел, затова си позволявам да го пусна и тук.


Date:                       5 Oct 2004 13:10:17 -0700
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Subject:                    Scribus: translators wanted
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I'm an enthusiastic user and the Polish translator of Scribus , the Open Source DTP application. I've
noticed,that the Scribus GUI translation for Bulgarian  hasn't  been updated for a very long time (see translation statistics for more: ).

The Scribus team is going to release a bugfix release 1.2.1 in not a
very distant future, it would be nice, if it could contain an upgraded
GUI translation for your language, too.

If anybody is interested, please:

1. join the Scribus mailing list and let the
Scribus team know, that you are going to translate (this is important,
since other people may want to do the same translation)

2. Read this very easy to follow translation howto:

3. Submit your translated files to

4. If you prefere IRC, an IRC channel #scribus on is
quite active

Looking forward to seeing Scribus in your language
Maciej Hanski