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Based in New York, The Xogito Group is a digital development consulting firm. We build, operate, and advise. Our mission is to help your business exceed your goals. Digital technologies are constantly changing to keep up with business needs and to create new ones. We help you think through where you are technically and help you map out where you want to go and how to get there. Data, RTB, E-Commerce, AdTech – we approach your needs within the larger technical landscape in full accord with best practices, emerging trends and forward thinking solutions.

The Xogito Group is currently recruiting an experienced person to join our exceptional Project Management Team at the position of:


Purpose of the Role
We are currently recruiting for an experienced senior project manager to join our exceptional Technology team. The purpose of this role would be to perform the standard functions of a project/product manager, specifically:

- Work closely with the client to understand customer’s business and system requirements.
-  Interface with the client’s business team and our technical team to manage the daily work assignments, run scrums, planning meetings, etc.
- Provide documentation and status updates.
Duties & Responsibilities
As a senior project manager, you will be responsible for daily contacts with the customer (formal and informal), adhering to and defining processes for the software development life cycle,  assuring timely delivery of planned releases, assisting and coordinating with work assignments and prioritization, interfacing with our Operations & QA teams, and assuring best practices are followed throughout the SDLC.

Required Experience & Knowledge
•   At least 7+ years of experience as a project/product manager
•   Ability to successfully manage a team and release large scale solutions.
•   Basic technical skills in understanding how components are built and integrated
•   Experience managing a project in the entire SDLC.
•   Experience with Agile methodologies
•   Technical expertise (i.e. Former engineer)
•   Experience with big data solutions using Mongo, Hbase, etc

Skills & Attributes
•   Excellent one-on-one communication and presentation skills
•   Ability to cultivate creativity and generate innovative solutions for revolutionary technical problems
•   Strive for excellence and taking ownership for the work you do
•   Commitment to creating value and quality client service experience
•   Team up with the professionals in multicultural virtual work environment

Required Education & Qualifications
•   Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related degree
•   Proficiency at communicating in English language both oral and written
•   Demonstrate at least 5 working URLs worked on recently

What we offer:
•   The comfort to work from home
•   Payment on top of scale
•   Extreme technical challenges
•   Different kind of bonuses
•   Individual career development path
•   Engagement with global IT communities

If you recognize yourself as a technology driven professional able to lead a new generation products development, please send us an up-to-date CV in English to careers@xogito.com All candidates will be contacted within a short period of time.



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Re: Два нови проекта си търсят PM
« Отговор #1 -: Nov 18, 2014, 13:57 »
Да питам Нетер защо изхвърли темите на човека? Изглежда тези Ксогито са истинска компания, а пък има стотици теми от ловци на глави. Нещо не зацепвам. Не че ми е зор за тях де, просто любопитството убива котката, дет' се вика.

В $por4e2 e истината  ;)


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Re: Два нови проекта си търсят PM
« Отговор #2 -: Nov 18, 2014, 14:07 »
Точка 3 от правилата на форума. Е, в раздела за обяви се е случвало да си затворя очите, ама този път не ги затворих :)

"Да си добре приспособен към болно общество не е признак за добро здраве" - Джиду Кришнамурти