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« -: Oct 28, 2005, 11:53 »

От няколко дни мъча един буут сектор, който подкарвам под бокс. Проблемът е, че след като добавих зареждането на втори сектор, в който държа таблицата на векторите на прекъсванията, всяко извикване на такова води до CPU_LOOP 1

Подобен проблем срещнах веднъж в нета и нямаше отговор

Ето сорса:

Примерен код
; First sector

   org   0x07c00   ; Start address 0000:7c00
   jmp   short begin_boot; Jump to start of boot routine & skip other data

bootmesg   db   "Our OS boot sector loading ......"
pm_mesg      db   "Switching to protected mode ...."

   dw   512; Bytes per sector
   db   1; Sectors per cluster
   dw   1; Number of reserved sectors
   db   2; Number of FATs
   dw   0x00e0; Number of dirs in root
   dw   0x0b40; Number of sectors in volume
   db   0x0f0; Media descriptor
   dw   9; Number of sectors per FAT
   dw   18; Number of sectors per track
   dw   2; Number of read/write sectors
   dw   0; Number of hidden sectors

   mov   ah, 0x13; Fn 13h of int 10h writes a whole string on screen
   mov   al, 0x00; bit 0 determines cursor pos,0->point to start after
      ; function call,1->point to last position written
   mov   bx, 0x0007; bh -> screen page ie 0,bl = 07 ie white on black
   mov   cx, 0x20; Length of string here 32
   mov   dx, 0x0000; dh->start cursor row,dl->start cursor column
   int   0x10; call bios interrupt 10h
   ret   ; Return to calling routine

   dd   0x66600666
   mov   ah, 0x00
   int   0x16; Get_key Fn 00h of 16h,read next character

   mov   ax, 0x0600; Fn 06 of int 10h,scroll window up,if al = 0 clrscr
   mov   cx, 0x0000; Clear window from 0,0
   mov   dx, 0x174f; to 23,79
   mov   bh, 0; fill with colour 0
   int   0x10; call bios interrupt 10h

   call   clrscr   ; Clear the screen first
   mov   bp, bootmesg; Set the string ptr to message location
   call   print_mesg   ; Print the message
   call   get_key   ; Wait till a key is pressed
bits 16
   call   clrscr   ; Clear the screen
   mov   ax, 0xb800   ; Load gs to point to video memory
   mov   gs, ax   ; We intend to display a brown A in real mode
   mov   word [gs:0], 0x641; display
   call   get_key   ; Get_key again,ie display till key is pressed
   mov   bp, pm_mesg   ; Set string pointer
   call   print_mesg   ; Call print_mesg subroutine

   mov   ah, 0x00   ; Init floppy
   mov   dl, 0x00
   int   0x13

   jnc   pass1

pass1:   mov   ax, 0x0201   ; Read second sector
   xor   bx, bx
   mov   es, bx
   mov   bx, idtr
   mov   cx, 0x0001
   mov   dx, 0
   int   0x13

   jnc   pass2

pass2:   call   get_key   ; Wait till key is pressed

   call   clrscr   ; Clear the screen
   cli      ; Clear or disable interrupts
   lgdt   [gdtr]   ; Load GDT
   lidt   [idtr]   ; Load IDT
   mov   eax, cr0   ; The lsb of cr0 is the protected mode bit
   or   al, 0x01   ; Set protected mode bit
   mov   cr0, eax   ; Mov modified word to the control register
   jmp   codesel:go_pm

bits 32
   mov   ax, datasel
   mov   ds, ax   ; Initialise ds & es to data segment
   mov   es, ax   
   mov   ax, videosel; Initialise gs to video memory
   mov   gs, ax

;mov   al, 0x11
;out   0x20, al
;mov   al, 0x11
;out   0xA0, al
;mov   al, 0x20
;out   0x21, al
;mov   al, 0x28
;out   0xA1, al
;mov   al, 0x04
;out   0x21, al
;mov   al, 0x01
;out   0xA1, al
;mov   al, 0x01
;out   0x21, al
;mov   al, 0x01
;out   0xA1, al

   xor   ecx, ecx
   div   ecx
spin:   jmp   spin   ; Loop


   mov   word [gs:0], 0x0941

ag:;mov   word [gs:ecx], 0x0941
;cmp   ecx, 40
;jne   ag

;xor   ax, ax
;div   ax

;add   ecx, 2
noz:   ret

   call   printMsg
;mov   al, 0x20
;out   0x20, al

bits 16
   dw   gdt_end-gdt-1; Length of the gdt
   dd   gdt   ; physical address of gdt
nullsel equ $-gdt; $->current location,so nullsel = 0h
gdt0   ; Null descriptor,as per convention gdt0 is 0
   dd 0; Each gdt entry is 8 bytes, so at 08h it is CS
   dd 0; In all the segment descriptor is 64 bits
codesel equ $-gdt; This is 8h,ie 2nd descriptor in gdt
code_gdt   ; Code descriptor 4Gb flat segment at 0000:0000h
   dw 0x0ffff; Limit 4Gb  bits 0-15 of segment descriptor
   dw 0x0000; Base 0h bits 16-31 of segment descriptor (sd)
   db 0x00; Base addr of seg 16-23 of 32bit addr,32-39 of sd
   db 0x09a; P,DPL(2),S,TYPE(3),A->Present bit 1,Descriptor
   ; privilege level 0-3,Segment descriptor 1 ie code
   ; or data seg descriptor,Type of seg,Accessed bit
   db 0x0cf; Upper 4 bits G,D,0,AVL ->1 segment len is page
   ; granular, 1 default operation size is 32bit seg
   ; AVL : Available field for user or OS
   ; Lower nibble bits 16-19 of segment limit
   db 0x00; Base addr of seg 24-31 of 32bit addr,56-63 of sd
datasel equ $-gdt; ie 10h, beginning of next 8 bytes for data sd
data_gdt   ; Data descriptor 4Gb flat seg at 0000:0000h
   dw 0x0ffff; Limit 4Gb
   dw 0x0000; Base 0000:0000h
   db 0x00; Descriptor format same as above
   db 0x092
   db 0x0cf
   db 0x00
videosel equ $-gdt; ie 18h,next gdt entry
   dw 3999; Limit 80*25*2-1
   dw 0x8000; Base 0xb8000
   db 0x0b
   db 0x92; present,ring 0,data,expand-up,writable
   db 0x00; byte granularity 16 bit
   db 0x00

times 510-($-$$)   db 0; Fill bytes from present loc to 510 with 0s
      dw 0x0aa55; Write aa55 in bytes 511,512 to indicate that
      ; it is a bootable sector.

; Second sector


   dw   idt_end-idt-1; Length of the gdt
   dd   idt   ; physical address of gdt
   dw   timer
   dw   codesel
   dw   0x8E00
   dw   0

times 240   db 0

int_clock:   dw   timer
   dw   codesel
   dw   0x8E00
   dw   0

times 1024-($-$$)   db 0

times 2878 * 512   db 0

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