Автор Тема: CS сървър под FreeBSD  (Прочетена 4376 пъти)


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CS сървър под FreeBSD
« -: Nov 15, 2004, 16:58 »
Някой може ли да ми предложи идея за сървър на CS и най вече какъв софтуер ми трябва.Предпочитам да го направя под BSD защото ми е най познатата ОС а и според мен една от най стабилните, но ако се наложи не проблем да ползвам и линукс ако се стигне до там.
Благодаря ви!

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CS сървър под FreeBSD
« Отговор #1 -: Nov 15, 2004, 19:53 »
Никога несъм пускал такова нещо ...
Успех ти пожелавам!

su-2.05b# pwd


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CS сървър под FreeBSD
« Отговор #2 -: Nov 17, 2004, 16:47 »
Брех, тука имало и момичета, които работят с BSD. '<img'>
Успех и безпроблемна работа!

PS. Sorry и аз не мога да помогна.


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CS сървър под FreeBSD
« Отговор #3 -: Nov 17, 2004, 22:49 »
Setting up a Counter-Strike Server

Setting up a Counter-Strike Server on FreeBSD 4.x (tested on 4.6-STABLE)

So I decided to have a lan party...and wanted to have a local Counter-Strike server...and then all the fun begins. This wasn't really too hard to get set up, since I just used the ports. The hardest part of getting the server up and running was configuring it the way I wanted to, and getting the bots running. I will try my best to cover all of it in this tutorial...

Please make sure you have alot of free space on the machine you are going to install on...~1-2 gig's for a large CS server. I used a spare 1Gb scsi drive and popped it in my box (box specs seen here). You can easily probably use under 500 megs for this...but I had to install linux binary compatibility, and several other programs, such as apache, to run my psychostats
Anyways, on to the server set up.

1) Use wget (/usr/ports/ftp/wget/) or fetch to download the half-life server bin file, extract the .tar.gz file to /usr/ports/distfiles/ , and install the half-life server:


    # cd /usr/ports/distfiles/
    # wget http://gamefiles.blueyonder.co.uk/blueyon....ull.bin


(if that file is no longer there, do a google search for hlds_l_3111_full.bin...or whatever the current version may be, since you need to download it and put it into your /usr/ports/distfiles/ directory anyways)

    # chmod +x hlds_l_3111_full.bin

    # ./hlds_l_3111_full.bin  -- Read through the agreement, and select yes, and it will put the .tar.gz file in your /usr/ports/distfiles directory


    # cd /usr/ports/games/halflifeserver/ && make all install distclean

(This will install several dependencies, one the the bigger of which, is the linux_base port. It is necessary to run the linux-type binaries for the half-life server)



Now wait for a while, as the hlds server compiles. after installing, it puts binaries in /compat/linux/usr/games/hlds_l, but I didn't like having it there, so I made a symlink to

/usr/local/games/hlds_l using the commands:


    # ln -s /compat/linux/usr/games/hlds_l /usr/local/games/hlds_l

    (the syntax for making symlinks is ln -s source_file_or_dir  target_file_or_dir)


2) Install the Counter-Strike mod (and any other mods you want to install as well). You can cd to /usr/ports/games and to an 'ls | grep hlserver' to find out what mods are available in the ports.

    # cd /usr/ports/games/hlserver-[modname]

    # make all install distclean


    so in our example, it would be:


    # cd /usr/ports/games/hlserver-cs/

    # make all install distclean


3) Now you can grab a cup of coffe..mow the lawn, whatever, as it will download ~115Mb of data...and then start compiling....


4) Now is when the fun begins...let's test the server, to make sure it starts...

    You should now be able to run the basic Counter-Strike dedicated server.  Let's test it and see if it works.  Make sure you are in the "/compat/linux/usr/games/hlds_l" directory and type the following in the CLI:

    # ./hlds_run -game cstrike +maxplayers 10 +map cs_assault

Your server should now see something like this scroll by...

    Auto-restarting the server on crash
    Added packfile /usr/local/games/hlds_l/valve/pak0.pak (985 files)
    Protocol version 46
    Exe version
    Exe build: 14:46:34 Jun 11 2002 (2056)
    WON Auth Server
    Server logging data to file /usr/local/games/hlds_l/cstrike/logs/L0521000.log
    Server IP address
    Downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net ...

If you see the above, but are missing the "Auth" portion, there is most likely a problem with your server using the incorrect IP address.  A few things could be the cause of this.  First you need to see which IP address your  server is using for Counter-Strike.  Type the following:


It will give you output similar to this:

    hostname: pr0nmasters CS server!
    version : 46/ 2056 secure
    tcp/ip :
    map : cs_office at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
    players : 1 active (10 max)

    # name userid uniqueid frag time ping loss adr
    # 1 "[spud]MrPotatoHead" 1 0 0 06:58 5 0
    1 users

     (you probably will not have any players on your server yet)


If your IP address is not what it should be (one you don't recognize), quit the server by typing this:


Now let's try running it again with a new line, type:

    # ./hlds_run -game cstrike +ip +maxplayers 10 +map cs_assault

For instance, if the IP address of my server were, I would type this:

    # ./hlds_run -game cstrike +ip +maxplayers 10 +map cs_assault

Once you have your server running like above, you have a fully functional server...but it will not be the optimum for LAN gaming...that takes some tweaks, which will be covered in my next tutorial. In the second tutorial, I will go over configuring the server for LAN only play, versus WON server (public server), and setting up your server for both, so it is at an optimum. I will also , either put in separate tutorials, or put in the second one, how to set up both bots for your server, and how to set up psychostats. you can see an example of my psychostats page here

any comments, suggestions, or anything at all, please email me, phoetoid@pyrospheric.net

Успех  '<img'>

Европейци сме ний, ама все не сме дотам!. . . Прощавай, не е за чудо пак да се срещнем.


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CS сървър под FreeBSD
« Отговор #4 -: Nov 26, 2004, 01:43 »
Благодаря на всички които се отзоваха,нещата ми се поизясниха.Сега само чакам хардуера за тази цел се потапям.. '<img'>

@ibb27: По скоро помагам на приятеля си в работата с BSD, сама нямаше да се оправя  '<img'>

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