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Linux portali
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Mart 29, 2017, 0:29 GMT

  • Ask Slashdot: What Are Some Lies Programmers Tell Themselves?
  • The Galaxy S8 Will Be Samsung's Biggest Test Ever
  • Google Launches New Website To Showcase Its Open Source Projects and Processes
  • DJI Proposes New Electronic 'License Plate' For Drones
  • Hong Kong Government Loses Laptops Containing Personal Data of 3.7 Million Voters
  • China's ZTE Removed From US Trade Blacklist
  • US Congress Votes To Shred ISP Privacy Rules
  • BitTorrent To Refocus On What Made It Rich - uTorrent
  • AT&T Joins The Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member
  • Facebook Copied Snapchat a Fourth Time, and Now All Its Apps Look the Same
  • Tesla Deal Boosts Chinese Presence in US Auto Tech
  • The Best and Worst Cities To Live in For Tech Workers, Based on Rent and Commute
  • 10 Million Insiders Test And Use Windows 10 Every Day, Says Microsoft
  • 'Sightings' of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Prompt Search in Queensland
  • Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Mart 29, 2017, 0:43 GMT

    Mart 29, 2017, 0:05 GMT

  • The Creators of Serial Are Back With a Binge-Ready New Podcast sguniiztrii
    Mart 28, 2017, 23:11 GMT

    Mart 28, 2017, 21:15 GMT

  • OpenSDS at CloudNativeCon + KubeCon: Moving Forward with SDS and Cloud Computing
  • VisionMobile Report Lays Out Developer Salaries by Skill, Software Sector, and Location
  • Using the Valgrind Framework to Build a Persistent Memory Error Detector by Krzysztof Czurylo
  • What Is Kubernetes?
  • Using the Valgrind Framework to Build a Persistent Memory Error Detector
  • Slaying Monoliths with Docker and Node.js, a Netflix Original by Yunong Xiao,
  • Modules vs. Microservices
  • IEEE Looks Beyond Moorevs Law with IRDS Technology Roadmap
  • Using Proprietary Services to Develop Open Source Software
  • Open Source Project Uses Docker for Serverless Computing

  • The Register sguniiztrii
    Mart 28, 2017, 23:25 GMT

  • Court smacks Telstra over wholesale pricing
  • Press 1 for bill shock, 2 for outages... AWS touts call-center management-as-a-service
  • Robots are killing jobs after all, apparently: One droid equals 5.6 workers
  • US Customs sued for information about border phone searches
  • Federal Police toss nbn under a bus over leaks to Senator
  • Racist Tesla staff drilled my buttocks, claims employee in lawsuit
  • So my ISP can now sell my browsing history what can I do?
  • Boffins invent wacky quantum gizmo prototype for secure mobile payments
  • Your internet history on sale to highest bidder: US Congress votes to shred ISP privacy rules
  • I need an ISP that offers IPv6. Virgin Media: Whatevs, nerd
  • Red Hat: OpenStack big, getting bigger, OpenShift fatter than Linux
  • RIP: Antivirus veteran Raimund Genes, 54
  • Ex-broadband biz 186k hit by major outage
  • EE scrap connection fee... to hike broadband and telly packages
  • Oracle doing due diligence on Accenture. Yep, you read that right
  • Apple squashes cert-handling bug affecting macOS and iOS
  • People may have been wrongly sent back to prison over faulty tags
  • Supermicro rack-wrangles a fix for a few data centre PITAs
  • ICO fines Flybe, Honda for breaking data rules. They were, um, trying to comply with GDPR
  • DevOps hype? Sometimes a pizza really is just a pizza
  • Nuns left in limbo after phone line transfer hell
  • World+dog had 1.4 BEEEELLION of its data records exposed last year
  • Google and pals plough $27m into tiery-eyed storage startup Avere
  • Microsoft beefs up Skype for Business as Amazon Chimes in
  • Mobile network Three inks Cisco Jasper deal, eyes the IoT market
  • Brit telcos will waive early termination fees for military personnel
  • Miss Misery on hacking Mr Robot and the Missing Sense of Fun
  • Firefox Quantum: BIG browser project, huh? I share your concern
  • Community vid reveals demos of vSphere-on-AWS cloud concoction
  • As of today, iThings are even harder for police to probe
  • If you can't beat AI, join it: Boffinry biz baron Elon Musk backs brain-machine interface biz
  • CompSci boffins propose scheme to protect privacy in database searches
  • AWS emits EnginFrame 2017 for cloudy HPC
  • Redmond takes a small step towards opening Service Fabric
  • nbn builder prioritises easy premises, because it must work like that
  • Green software blacked out Australian State
  • Samsung plans Galaxy Note 7 fire sale
  • Cheap, flimsy, breakable and replaceable yup, Ikea, you'll be right at home in the IoT world
  • FYI users: You may have leaked passwords, personal info thousands have
  • Angular framework's grand ambition: Not breaking anything
  • Astroboffins clock thriving stellar nursery nestled in violent supermassive black hole
  • LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw once again spotted by Google's bugfinders
  • Ex-military and security firms oppose Home Sec in WhatsApp crypto row
  • Happy Motherboards day: Here's some (Optane) memory
  • Northamber's Phillips ponders non-exec role after nearly four decades
  • DevOps brings your teams to delivery faster and with better quality
  • Micron making mucho memory moolah
  • UK digital minister Matt Hancock praises 'crucial role' of encryption
  • HPE starts 'SimpliVity-fying' products, eyes hyperconverged buyers
  • iPhone-havers think they're safe. But they're not

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    Mart 28, 2017, 19:16 GMT

  • smbclient Security for Windows Printing and File Transfer
  • How to Calculate Flash Storage TCO
  • Non-Linux FOSS: Don't Drink the Apple Kool-Aid; Brew Your Own!
  • Three EU Industries That Need HPC Now
  • HOSTING Monitoring Insights
  • FinTech and SAP HANA
  • Chemistry on the Desktop
  • Five HPC Cost Considerations to Maximize ROI
  • Two Ways GDPR Will Change Your Data Storage Solution
  • Android Candy: That App Is for the Birds!
  • Hodge Podge
  • William Rothwell and Nick Garner's Certified Ethical Hacker Complete Video Course (Pearson IT Certification)
  • Preseeding Full Disk Encryption
  • William Gurstelle's ReMaking History, Volume 3 (Maker Media, Inc.)
  • GRUB Boot from ISO


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