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Linux portali
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Mart 31, 2015, 20:09 GMT

  • Amazon Tests Delivery Drones At Secret Canada Site After US Frustration
  • Firefox 37 Released
  • Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?
  • Book Review: Drush For Developers, 2nd Edition
  • Microsoft Considered Giving Away Original Xbox
  • Developer of 'Banished' Develops His Own Shading Language
  • Why America's Obsession With STEM Education Is Dangerous
  • Cetaceans Able To Focus Sound For Echolocation
  • EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking
  • License Details Hint MS Undecided On Suing Users of Its Open Source Net Runtime
  • X-37B To Fly Again
  • Control Anything With Gestures: Myo Bluetooth Protocol Released
  • Bitcoin In China Still Chugging Along, a Year After Clampdown
  • EFF Questions US Government's Software Flaw Disclosure Policy
  • Ask Slashdot: Who's Going To Win the Malware Arms Race?
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Mart 31, 2015, 20:43 GMT

    Mart 31, 2015, 20:04 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories sguniiztrii
    Mart 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Mart 31, 2015, 20:00 GMT

    The Register sguniiztrii
    Mart 31, 2015, 17:26 GMT

  • GLOWING TAMPONS hold the key to ending pollution
  • Tidal music launch: Pop plutocrats pour FLAC on rival Spotify
  • SanDisk, Netlist heading to court as patent problems continue
  • Chief architect Beepy ready to take Pures flash somewhere new
  • UberPop granted temporary reprieve in France
  • Kaminario playing 3D flash chippery doo-dah with its arrays
  • Huawei bellows big revenue jump thanks to brisk 2014 phone sales
  • Microsoft update mayhem delays German basketball game, costs team dear
  • Oracle boat picks up ex-HP hardware man Donatelli
  • Snakes on a backplane: Server-room cabling horrors
  • <i>El Reg</i> lays claws on RockBLOCK Mk2 Iridium sat comms unit
  • EU digi-chief clashes with robo-veep over geo-blocking
  • Life after Lord Shugs looks good, as Viglen directors' packages swell
  • Think server vulns are IT's problem? Think again
  • Encryption is the REAL threat Head Europlod
  • Managed services biz Claranet adds ?107m to war chest
  • Big Blue to give car insurers IoT peeking powers
  • Wearables market action is all in the wrist says market-scryer IDC
  • Ebay snuffs malware upload bug
  • Secret Bezos delivery helicopters operate from mystery Canadian base to evade US regulators
  • Periscope smeared by streaming security SNAFU
  • Pre-Snowden NSA grunts wanted to nix phone spying: report
  • SoftLayer and Telstra in cloudy embrace
  • Prostrate yourself before the GNU, commands Indian DEITY
  • How much did T-Mobile US make from that failed AT&amp;T buyout? How about $7.7bn
  • AMD opens kimono on chip futures a little more
  • Cisco wipes its memory from susceptible-to-Row Hammer list
  • Day FOUR of the GitHub web assault: Activists point fingers at 'China's global censorship'
  • Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure
  • Sony snags Spotify for streaming music to Playstation gamers
  • Microsoft's Project Spartan browser is HERE (unless you build apps or run VMs, that is)
  • Feds cuffed for allegedly PILFERING Silk Road drug souk's Bitcoins
  • Office 365 and Dynamics go live in Australia
  • Motorola Mobility loses another patent suit to ?ber-troll Intellectual Ventures
  • Why Feed.Me.Pizza will never exist: Inside the world of government vetoes and the internet
  • Google cloud addicts: Now you can juggle your web apps from your Android smartie
  • Microsoft: Office 365 IT admins get free device-wrangling controls
  • NASA to take MARTIAN FLYING SAUCER for a spin
  • Blokes disguised as women storm NSA HQ: One shot dead, one hurt
  • The internet IS a series of tubes. Kinda: A <i>Reg</i> 101 guide to cabling
  • Pure CEO dons cheerleader outfit, harangues world, dog
  • Vodafone wants to bonk you wait, wants you to bonk
  • One day all this could be yours: Be Facebook, without being Facebook
  • Virgin Media takes its time on website crypto upgrade
  • NBN Co launches fibre-to-the-building product
  • Outsourcery still losing as much as it turns over
  • Police ICT Company finally lurches off the ground
  • Going strictly hands-off: Managing your data centre from afar

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    Mart 31, 2015, 19:49 GMT

  • Not So Dynamic Updates
  • Users, Permissions and Multitenant Sites
  • New Products
  • Flexible Access Control with Squid Proxy
  • Solving ODEs on Linux
  • DevOps: Everything You Need to Know
  • Tighten Up SSH
  • Security in Three Ds: Detect, Decide and Deny
  • Non-Linux FOSS: MenuMeters
  • Android Candy: Bluetooth Auto Connect
  • diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development
  • Geek Guide: The DevOps Toolbox
  • NmapNot Just for Evil!
  • Resurrecting the Armadillo
  • March 2015 Issue of Linux Journal: System Administration


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