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Linux portali
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April 26, 2018, 2:07 GMT

  • Belgium Declares Video Game Loot Boxes Gambling and Therefore Illegal
  • iOS 11.3.1 Fixes Bug Where Third-Party Screen Repairs Made iPhone 8 Touchscreens Stop Working
  • Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages To the Trunk of Your Car
  • Ford To Stop Selling Every Car In North America But the Mustang, Focus Active
  • Slashdot Asks: How Do You Like the New Gmail UI?
  • Trump Meets With Apple's Tim Cook To Talk Trade
  • Bezop Cryptocurrency Server Exposes Personal Info of 25,000 Investors
  • Medicare To Require Hospitals To Post Prices Online
  • Appliance Companies Are Lobbying To Protect Their DRM-Fueled Repair Monopolies
  • More FISA Orders Were Denied During President Trump's First Year in Office Than in the Court's 40-Year History
  • Drupal Warns of New Remote-Code Bug, the Second in Four Weeks
  • North Korea Linked To Global Hacking Operation Against Critical Infrastructure, Telecoms
  • Researchers Hacked Amazon's Alexa To Spy On Users, Again
  • 8K TVs Are Coming, But Don't Buy the Hype
  • Nasdaq 'Would Consider' Creating a Crypto Exchange, Says CEO
  • Search Slashdot stories

    April 26, 2018, 4:43 GMT

    April 26, 2018, 4:02 GMT

  • sguniiztrii
    April 26, 2018, 4:07 GMT

    Mai 04, 2017, 9:36 GMT

  • NEXmark: A Benchmarking Framework for Processing Data Streams
  • How Amazon and Red Hat Plan to Bridge Data Centers
  • The Case for Containerizing Middleware
  • Learn How to Fix a Django Bug from Beginning to End
  • Cloud Computing Continues to Influence HPC
  • Serverless Security ImplicationsvFrom Infra to OWASP
  • 4 Ways to Take Control of your Wi-Fi Connections on Linux
  • Catch Up With The Linux Foundation at OpenStack Summit in Boston
  • Linux Kernel 4.11 vFearless Coyotev Released
  • Disruptive Collaboration: The Next Generation of Network Software and Hardware

  • The Register sguniiztrii
    April 26, 2018, 5:24 GMT

  • Power spike leads Chinese police to 600-machine mining rig
  • Incredible Euro space agency data leak... just as planned: 1.7bn stars in our galaxy mapped
  • AMD CEO Su: We like GPU crypto-miners but gamers are first priority
  • That's no moon... er, that's an asteroid. And it'll be your next and final home, spacefarer
  • Win 7, Server 2008 'Total Meltdown' exploit lands, pops admin shells
  • Cohesity touts instant gratification for cloud-surfing virtual machines
  • In a touching Monty Python tribute today, Microsoft's Office 365 makes everything spam
  • When tyrants pull on their jackboots to stamp out free speech online, they reach for... er, a Canadian software biz?
  • US schools' IT systems drop out after weekend firmware update misery
  • America's states try to restart net neutrality with very mixed results
  • Academics: Shutting down Facebook API damages research, oversight, competition
  • Patch Drupal now: Yet another critical website bug found a sequel to 'Drupalgeddon2'
  • ISO blocks NSA's latest IoT encryption systems amid murky tales of backdoors and bullying
  • PC recycler gets 15 months in the clink for whipping up 28,000 bootleg Windows 7, XP recovery discs
  • You say Halo and I say goodbye: Microsoft throws the book at unauthorised mod devs
  • Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? Doesn't matter they may need to update their room key software
  • TSB boss: We know everything's working, you just can't see that
  • World's biggest DDoS-for-hire souk shuttered, masterminds cuffed
  • There's just one month left 'til the big day: May 25... but don't panic!
  • Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever
  • Danish submariner to serve 16 years in prison for murder of Kim Wall
  • TSB outage, day 5: What do you mean you can't log in? Our systems are up and running. Up and running, we say!
  • Is automation going to put you out of a job? Probably not, but
  • Yes, drone biz DJI's Go 4 app does phone home to China sort of
  • Oracle snaffles 'don't seat us next to that smelly brand' Brit adtech firm Grapeshot
  • Software transformation for the rest of us: Check out the lineup of talks at our devops conference
  • UK gov grilled over massive exposure to struggling outsourcer Capita
  • $50 add-on can turn your mobe into a less misanthropic House MD
  • The tech you're reading these words on you have two Dundee uni boffins to thank for that
  • Recycling tech biz bosses get years for VAT fraud, money laundering
  • Russians poised to fire intercontinental ballistic missile... into space with Sentinel-3 sat on board
  • Apple debugs debugger, nukes pesky vulns in iOS, WebKit, macOS
  • ICANN takes Whois begging bowl to Europe, comes back empty
  • Cosmic prang probe: Euro space boffins to smash sats, virtually
  • Microsoft Lean's in: Slimmed-down Windows 10 OS option spotted
  • Oh dear... Netizens think 'private' browsing really means totally private
  • Turn that bachelor pad into a touch pad: Now you can paint buttons, sensors on your walls
  • Facebook can't admit the truth, says data-slurp boffin Kogan
  • Good news: AI could solve the pension crisis by triggering a nuclear apocalypse by 2040
  • Happy having Amazon tiptoe into your house? Why not the car, then? In-trunk delivery what could go wrong?
  • Yahoo<i>!</i> fined<i>!</i> $35m<i>!</i> for<i>!</i> covering<i>!</i> up<i>!</i> massive<i>!</i> IT<i>!</i> security<i>!</i> screwup<i>!</i>
  • AWS DNS network hijack turns MyEtherWallet into ThievesEtherWallet
  • Bargain-happy Brits snub big four mobile network operators
  • Audiophiles have really taken to the warm digital tone of streaming music
  • Cocky SAP struts stuff after cloud sales pass 1 BEEELLION
  • Critical infrastructure needs more 21qs6Q#S$, less P@ssw0rd, security committee told
  • This week in storage: Film folk, HDDs, tape and stacks and stacks of dusty data
  • Astroboffins build AI to chase galactic blue nuggets in space
  • Eclipse Foundation pushes faster, cloudier Jakarta EE
  • Medic! Orangeworm malware targets hospitals worldwide

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    April 08, 2018, 19:38 GMT

  • Best Programming Language
  • Matthew Garrett Calls on Symantec to Share Its Code, EFF Questions Google's Work on Project Maven and More
  • Tackling L33t-Speak
  • Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0, NixOS New Release, Slimbook Curve and More
  • VIDEO: When Linux Demos Go Wrong
  • How Wizards and Muggles Break Free from the Matrix
  • Richard Stallman's Privacy Proposal, Valve's Commitment to Linux, New WordPress Update and More
  • How the EU's Copyright Reform Threatens Open Source--and How to Fight It
  • Caption This
  • Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality Browser for Mixed Reality, GnuCash 3.0 New Release and More
  • Now Available: April 2018 issue of Linux Journal
  • Linux 4.16 Released, SLES SP3 for Raspberry Pi, Cloudflare Launches the Privacy-First DNS Service and More
  • Weekend Reading: Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Best Content Management System
  • Happy 20th Anniversary to Mozilla, New pfSense Version, Android HiddenMiner Malware and More


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