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Linux portali
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YUni 30, 2016, 11:47 GMT

  • Congressman Wants Ransomware Attacks To Trigger Breach Notifications
  • 2 Million-Person Terror Database Leaked Online
  • Scientists Say The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Almost Wiped Us Out Too
  • DMCA Notices Remove 8,268 Projects On Github In 2015
  • Google's 'FASTER' 9000km, 60Tbps Transpacific Fiber Optics Cable Completed
  • FCC Says TV Airwaves Being Sold For Wireless Use Are Worth $86.4 Billion
  • Tesla Admits Defeat, Quietly Settles Model X Lawsuit Over Usability Problems
  • UK Has Fastest Mobile Internet While US Lags Behind, Says Report
  • ACLU Lawsuit Challenges Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Google's My Activity Reveals How Much It Knows About You
  • AMD RX 480 Offers Best-in-Class Performance For $199/$239
  • Facebook Wins Belgian Court Appeal Over Storing Non-User Data
  • Wi-Fi Gets Multi-Gigabit, Multi-User Boost With Upgrades To 802.11ac
  • Facebook Tweaks Its Newsfeed To Better Showcase Posts From Friends Instead Of Publishers
  • Microsoft Kills Windows 10's Messaging Everywhere Texts, To Bolster Skype
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    YUni 30, 2016, 13:43 GMT

    YUni 30, 2016, 12:05 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories sguniiztrii
    Mart 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    YUni 30, 2016, 9:48 GMT

  • ODPi Advances Hadoop Standards with Open Source Runtime Specification
  • 5 SSH Hardening Tips
  • NFV and Cloud Driving Changes in Core Network Licensing Models
  • DevOps Done Right: Five Tips for Implementing Database Infrastructures
  • Make Peace With Your Processes: Part 5
  • Using Nano-Segmentation Apcera Looks to Bring Cloud Trust to Docker Container Deployment
  • Can IBM Really Make a Business Out of Blockchain?
  • MongoDB Launches Atlas, Its New Database-as-a-Service Offering
  • Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack: Receiving Data
  • How to Securely and Anonymously Share Files of Any Size Over the Tor Network with OnionShare

  • The Register sguniiztrii
    YUni 30, 2016, 11:27 GMT

  • Fear and Brexit in Tech City: Digital 'elite' are having a nervous breakdown
  • Broker DP Data shuts up shop after HP's lawyers took a bite out of them
  • If youre a data scientist, its time to experiment with some new tools
  • ODM for the masses? Facebook's OCP still ain't for you, brother
  • EU Investment Bank will honour pre-Brexit deals but don't gamble on new ones happening
  • Amazon twangs its Elastic File System at on-premises filer rivals
  • Points tables unveiled: Who needs sport? Follow HPC kids' summer cluster cup final
  • Brexit-bored Brits back to bashing the bishop after ballot box blues
  • Mystery black hole hides by curbing its appetite
  • Oh, Red Hat. Contain yourself and your 'new innovations' talk
  • Big Blue finds big green in derailing transport
  • Loop Dreams: Top college talents showcase their skills in cabling
  • Cisco looks to LoRaWAN for IoT device connectivity
  • Hopeless Vic agencies have two years to hit infosec best practice
  • China swaps cyber czars
  • Trans-Pacific FASTER fibre fires first photons, finally
  • Honey, why are porno apps on your Android?! Er, um, malware did it!
  • Telstra restarting long-stalled ADSL investment
  • While you filled your face at Noodles and Co, malware was slurping your bank cards
  • Internet takes another step away from US govt and into ICANN's hands
  • Cali bloke accused of illegally trousering $68k using mom's Apple AuthenTec gobble tip-off
  • Alleged Brit hacker Lauri Love bailed amid US extradition battle lull
  • Facebook crushes Belgian attempt to ban tracking of non-users
  • Permabit offers deduplication to Linux masses almost
  • ACL-Sue: Civil rights warriors drag Uncle Sam to court for hacking laws
  • Kremlin hackers and the Democratic National Committee: How deep is the rabbit-hole?
  • Hubble spies rare cosmic tadpole galaxy
  • Peter Gabriel-backed music startup goes titsup, takes ?500k of your money with it
  • The problem with Canada? The price of broadband is too damn high
  • Lloyds Banking Group puts 640 techies and backroom bods on chopping block
  • Speaking in Tech: Techcast on Brexit 'You can't argue with people'
  • Atlantis retreats to core VDI software and appliance market
  • InfiniBand-on-die MIA in Oracle's new 'Sonoma' Sparc S7 processor
  • ZTE flagship elbows aside Xiaomi
  • Fancy hacking Man City? Happy days: Footy club to host hackathon
  • Veeam poster boy and CEO Ratmir Timashev steps down
  • Dixons, UK's fifth 'emergency service', brushes off Brexit scare stories
  • Bacon is not my vodka friend
  • Lauri Love at risk of suicide if extradited to US, Brit court hears
  • Brexit, schmexit: BT and Oracle join hands for a cloudy tryst
  • Lenovo HPC bounces back after IBM spinoff
  • Plymouth 'animal rights' teen admits Florida SeaWorld cyber attack
  • Vodafone hints at relocation from UK
  • PAC slams for lack of evidence-based science investments
  • Future proofing your data infrastructure? Which future were you thinking of?
  • This local council paid HOW MUCH for an SD card?!
  • Body of evidence: Biometrics and YOU
  • What Brexit means for you as a motorist
  • Google off the hook for feeding kids bad cookies
  • VW finds US$15 BEEELION under the couch to pay off US regulators

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    YUni 30, 2016, 5:59 GMT

  • Peppermint 7 Released
  • Libarchive Security Flaw Discovered
  • Sony Settles in Linux Battle
  • Astronomy for KDE
  • Profiles and RC Files
  • Understanding Ceph and Its Place in the Market
  • SoftMaker FreeOffice
  • Git 2.9 Released
  • The Giant Zero, Part 0.x
  • Snappy Moves to New Platforms
  • Mark Geddes' Arduino Project Handbook (No Starch Press)
  • Susan Lauber's Linux Command Line Complete Video Course (Prentice Hall)
  • Maru OS Brings Debian to Your Phone
  • Microstar Laboratories, Inc.'s Accel64 for Linux
  • Apricorn's Aegis Secure Key 3.0 USB Drives


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