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Linux portali
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Fevruari 09, 2016, 21:19 GMT

  • Twitter Launches Trust and Safety Council To Help Put End To Trolling
  • Google Display Ads Going All-HTML, Will Ban Flash In 2017
  • Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Finally Ships With Open-Source OpenGL Support
  • Windmill Blade Molds 3D Printed By National Labs
  • LIGO Will Make Gravitational Waves Announcement on Thursday
  • Amazon Launches Free Game Engine Lumberyard
  • President Obama Unveils $19 Billion Plan To Overhaul U.S. Cybersecurity
  • Adblock Fast Returns To Google Play a Week After Being Pulled
  • Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs: "The Science is Settled."
  • Wired To Block Ad-Blocking Users, Offer Subscription
  • Skylake Breaks 7GHz In Intel Overclocking World Record
  • An Advanced Math Education Revolution Is Underway In the U.S.
  • Hackers Leak List of FBI Employees
  • The Internet of Broken Things
  • Are Roads Safer With No Central White Lines?
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    Fevruari 09, 2016, 21:43 GMT

    Fevruari 09, 2016, 20:55 GMT

  • Wired Top Stories sguniiztrii
    Mart 29, 2014, 4:00 GMT

    Fevruari 09, 2016, 21:00 GMT

    The Register sguniiztrii
    Fevruari 09, 2016, 18:25 GMT

  • Don't mention the F word: Adobe releases Animate CC
  • SwiftStack's multi-modal 'we're so much better than you' FUD play
  • Obama govt proposes 33% hike in cyber-security spending
  • NASA charges up 18-prop electric X-plane
  • Getting a grip on Puppet: A guide for beginners
  • HPE beefs up entry MSA with a bit of flash
  • Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook
  • Don't you see these simple facts? Destroy Facebook and restore human Liberty
  • Intelligence Committee marks Gov's Snoopers' Charter: See me after class
  • Irish kids get first-person view of 1916 uprising... via Minecraft
  • Violin Memory offers starter kits to tempt flash storage virgins
  • DataGravity CEO, on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt
  • Private clouds kinda suck, you know?
  • Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one
  • What took you so long, Twitter? Micro blogging site takes on the trolls
  • Actifio CEO talks about growth, quietly sacks bunch of staff
  • Silent Nork satellite tumbling in orbit
  • Amazon UK boss is 'most powerful' man in food and drink
  • Imation: Data storage? No, come to us for, er, investment advice
  • Russian ATM-popping gang used nation state cybercrook tactics
  • Ex-TalkTalker TalkTalks: Records portal had shared password. It was 4 years old
  • Dell PowerEdge R730: Reg rack monkeys crack smiles over kindness of engineers
  • Canonical reckons Android phone-makers will switch to Ubuntu
  • Nokia kicks off pre-MWC race with tech show-and-tell
  • Picking apart the circuits in the ARM1 the ancestor of your smartphone's brain
  • France joins India in telling Facebook to just Zuck off
  • Microsoft researchers smash homomorphic encryption speed barrier
  • Scary RAM-gobbling bug in SQL Server 2014 exposed by Visual Studio online outage
  • Ready for a nostalgia kick? Usborne has put its old computer books on the web for free
  • Brits best French in Euro securo pwn party
  • GitHub fixes 102 flaws, pays out $95k under bug bounty program
  • LIGO boffins set to reveal grav-wave corker
  • Fleet of 4.77MHz LCD laptops with 8088 CPUs still alive after 30 years
  • It's 2016 and a font file can own your computer
  • Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP
  • Verizon<i>!</i>Yahoo<i>!</i> takeover<i>!</i> inches<i>!</i> ahead<i>!</i>
  • Atlassian creates new Android, iOS development teams
  • Did a hacker really pwn the FBI, US Homeland Security and the DoJ?
  • Microsoft crams more tools into its Azure-in-a-box technical preview
  • Security? We <i>haven't</i> heard of it, says hacker magnet VTech
  • Anova takes small slice of failing AOptix
  • CSIRO says it's not firing scientists, it's re-balancing
  • Facebook cares about you, yes you, so much it won't give up on India
  • Trane thermostat is a hot spot for viruses on home networks
  • AdBlock Plus, websites draft peace deal so ads can bypass blockade
  • Imation flogs off IronKey to Kingston
  • Labels to artists: You'll get a penny, so go away
  • Inside Adwind: A DIY malware toolkit used by 1,800 crooks to spy on 443k victims
  • New Relic launches autism at work programme, signs up interns
  • Are Indians too stupid to be trusted with free Internet?

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    Fevruari 09, 2016, 21:00 GMT

  • Unikernels, Docker, and Why You Should Care
  • Non-Linux FOSS: Snk
  • diff -u: What's New in Kernel Development
  • What's New in 3D Printing, Part III: the Software
  • Poppins
  • Giving Silos Their Due
  • February 2016 Issue of Linux Journal
  • Controversy at the Linux Foundation
  • Don't Burn Your Android Yet
  • New Products
  • Firefox OS
  • What's New in 3D Printing, Part II: the Hardware
  • Wine 1.8 Released
  • ABINIT for Chemists
  • 22 Years of Linux Journal on One DVD - Now Available


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