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Dekemvri 10, 2016, 15:42 GMT

  • New Bug In Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings Wi-Fi Disconnects
  • US Think Tank Wants To Regulate The Design of IoT Devices For Security Purposes
  • Autonomous Shuttle Brakes For Squirrels, Skateboarders, and Texting Students
  • 'Star In a Jar' Fusion Reactor Works, Promises Infinite Energy
  • Silly Putty Makes For Super-Sensitive Sensors
  • Radiation From Fukushima Disaster Reaches Oregon Coast
  • Google Starts Using HTML5 By Default Instead of Flash For Some Chrome Users
  • Researchers Point Out 'Theoretical' Security Flaws In AMD's Upcoming Zen CPU
  • Bose Launches 'Hearphones' That Act Like Hearing Aids
  • AirPods Delay Attributed To Apple Ensuring Both Earpieces Receive Audio At Same Time
  • Google Is Testing User Ratings For Movies, TV Within Search Results
  • Uber Is Treating Its Drivers As Sweated Labor, Says Report
  • DHS Tried To Breach Our Firewall, Says Georgia's Secretary of State
  • Twitter Cuts API Access For Media Sonar, Spy Tool Used To Target Black Lives Matter
  • Bitcoin Hits Highest Levels In Almost Three Years
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 15:43 GMT

    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 15:06 GMT

  • Michigan Just Embraced the Driverless Future sguniiztrii
    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 13:03 GMT

    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 10:02 GMT

  • This Week in Open Source News: Hyperledger's Growth Surges, OSS Networking Pro Joins The Linux Foundation & More
  • Ask John Willis Your DevOps Questions in this Free Webinar Series
  • Viewing Linux Logs from the Command Line
  • Create a Fully Automated Light and Music Show for the Holidays: Part 3
  • Create a Fully Automated Light and Music Show for the Holidays: Part 2
  • Create a Fully Automated Light and Music Show for the Holidays: Part 1
  • Diversity Scholarship Series: My Time at CloudNativeCon 2016
  • Red Hat Opens Up OpenShift Dedicated to Google Cloud Platform
  • At Long Last, Linux Gets Dynamic Tracing
  • Secure IoT Through Oversight, Open Source and Open Standards

  • The Register sguniiztrii
    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 12:25 GMT

  • Marc Andreessenhas a pretty creepy relationship with Zuck
  • Fatal flaw found in PricewaterhouseCoopers SAP security software
  • Russian hackers got Trump elected? Yeah, let's take a close look at that, says Obama
  • Remember that amazing video of the whale leaping out the gym floor and splashing down? Yeah, it was BS
  • Japanese robot space maid will sweep away Earth's dead satellites
  • Samsung, the Angel of Death: Exploding Note 7 phones will be bricked
  • 'I found a bug that let anyone read anyone's Yahoo<i>!</i> Mail and all I got was this $10k check'
  • Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP
  • Solar-powered LoRa IoT node: Nice idea but it won't replace batteries
  • Fancy that! Google was keen on 'draining the swamp' in 2013
  • Hardware Labs sees off Nvidia trademark sueball-smasher in court
  • Governments 'one step behind' tech firms in tracking tax Meg Hillier
  • Brexflation hits Lenovo's Phab2
  • The Dread Server BlackBerry Enterprise is no more
  • Ugh! Is that your security budget? *Sucks teeth and shakes head*
  • Neo-Nazi man jailed for anti-Semitic Twitter campaign against MP
  • Has Samsung, er, rounded the corner with Apple court win?
  • Shrinkage!? But it's sooo big! More data won't leave storage biz proud
  • state of the nation report: Infosec's very important, mmmkay
  • AI brains take a step closer to understanding speech just like humans
  • Chip biz Aixtron begs for help: Just let the Chinese eat me!
  • Moscow says writing infrastructure attack code is a thought crime
  • All aboard the warship that'll make you Sicker
  • Sysadmin told to spend 20+ hours changing user names, for no reason
  • US think-tank wants IoT device design regulated, because security
  • Expedia support tech raided his CFO to rack up insider trades
  • Bluetooth 5.0 emerges, ready to chew on the internet of things
  • DSSD President quits Dell EMC
  • AT&amp;T took too much money from customers, will pay them back by ... taking less money
  • Google found a way to go after 400 MEELLION new users this week
  • RIP John Glenn: First American in orbit and later, the oldest, too
  • My name's Jeff B and I'm here to say: Canada's getting an AWS region around the way
  • Oi, you, no flirting, no touching in the back of our rides, sniffs Uber
  • Latest loon for Trump's cabinet: Young-blood-loving, kidney-market advocate Jim O'Neill
  • Say bye-bye to net neutrality next year, gloats FCC commish Pai
  • HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'
  • For God's sake, stop trying to make Microsoft Bob a thing. It's over
  • Real deal: Hackers steal steelmaker trade secrets
  • If your Xmas party expenses left you with a hangover, you should see Dell's spending
  • Trend Micro AV nukes innocent Sharepoint code, admins despair
  • Revamped Cortana finally lands on UK mobe mass market
  • US Congress seeks small claims track for copyright claims
  • China is building a full scale replica of the <i>Titanic</i> to repeatedly crash into iceberg
  • Earth days are getting longer by 1.8 milliseconds per century
  • Who killed Pebble? Easy: The vulture capitalists
  • <i>Reg</i> readers vent their frustrations with AFA vendors
  • US commission whistles to FIDO: Help end ID-based hacks by 2021
  • Capita: 2,250 jobs cut, more offshoring, more robots... Merry Xmas!
  • Mirai variant turns TalkTalk routers into zombie botnet agents
  • 90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    Dekemvri 10, 2016, 15:10 GMT

  • Bruce Nikkel's Practical Forensic Imaging (No Starch Press)
  • Progress on Privacy
  • Transitioning to Python 3
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Linux Journal December 2016
  • CORSAIR's Carbide Air 740
  • Stepping into Science
  • A Better Raspberry Pi Streaming Solution
  • FutureVault Inc.'s FutureVault
  • Message for You, Sir!
  • Non-Linux FOSS: Scripts in Your Menu Bar!
  • Radio Free Linux
  • DVEO's Jitter Box IP/IP
  • Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk
  • The Tiny Internet Project, Part II


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