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Linux portali
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Oktomvri 22, 2016, 10:23 GMT

  • Cisco Develops System To Automatically Cut-Off Pirate Video Streams
  • Russians Seek Answers To Central Moscow GPS Anomaly
  • Chemical-Releasing Bike Lock Causes Vomiting To Deter Thieves
  • WikiLeaks To Its Supporters: 'Stop Taking Down the US Internet, You Proved Your Point'
  • AI Platform Assesses Trump's and Clinton's Emotional Intelligence
  • Mirai and Bashlight Join Forces Against DNS Provider Dyn
  • Governor Cuomo Bans Airbnb From Listing Short-Term Rentals In New York
  • Facebook Employees Tried To Remove Trump Posts As Hate Speech
  • Prosecutors Say NSA Contractor Could Flee To Foreign Power
  • 43 Million Weebly and 22 Million Foursquare Accounts Stolen
  • Amid Major Internet Outages, Affected Websites Have Lessons To Learn
  • Schiaparelli Mars Lander May Have Exploded On Impact, European Agency Says
  • Most 'Genuine' Apple Chargers and Cables Sold on Amazon Are Fake, Apple Says
  • Stephen Hawking: AI Will Be Either the Best or the Worst Thing To Humanity
  • Several Sites Including Twitter, GitHub, Spotify, PayPal, NYTimes Suffering Outage -- Dyn DNS Under DDoS Attack [Update]
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 11:43 GMT

    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 10:09 GMT

  • Here’s How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Your City sguniiztrii
    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 9:00 GMT

    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 9:01 GMT

  • Mitigating dirtyc0w with systemd
  • OpenTracing: Microservices in Plain View
  • What We Know About Fridayvs Massive East Coast Internet Outage
  • This Week in Open Source News: Blockchain Tech Can Help Ease the Refugee Experience, Nasdaq to Provide OSS Platform, & More
  • An Introduction to MySQL
  • vMost Seriousv Linux Privilege-Escalation Bug Ever Is Under Active Exploit (updated)
  • Video: HPC Opportunities in Deep Learning
  • Docker Networking Fundamentals
  • Download This Cheat Sheet To Learn Basic Linux Commands
  • Note to MSPs: Government Agencies Want More Open Source Software

  • The Register sguniiztrii
    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 11:26 GMT

  • Judge nailed for trying to bribe Fed with fizzy water (aka Bud Light)
  • Machine-learning craze reaches freelancers: AI skills sought for gigs
  • Today the web was broken by countless hacked devices your 60-second summary
  • ComoD'oh! Infosec duo exploits OCR flaw to nab a website's HTTPS cert
  • Smoking hole found on Mars where Schiaparelli lander, er, 'landed'
  • DNS devastation: Top websites whacked offline as Dyn dies again
  • Boffins twist beams of neutrons into pasta to cook up holograms
  • Gartner's seers pass judgement on storage industry leaders
  • Acronis: Yep, we're using blockchain for backup now
  • OpenStack-flinger Mirantis signs landmark NTT deal
  • EMC moves into Dell house: Where'd I put the spoons?
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise gives UK boss control of Ireland
  • Dyn dinged by DDoS: US DNS firm gives web a bad hair day
  • New measurement alert. The Pogba: 1,200Pg = NHS annual budget
  • Today is the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar
  • Hax0rs sow Discord by using VoIP service to sling malware at gamers
  • Computacenter Q3 numbers lifted by weak British Pound
  • Hapless Network Rail contractors KO broadband in Uxbridge
  • No matter who becomes US president, America's tech giants are going to be quids in
  • Hack us and you're basically attacking America, says UK defence sec
  • Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media
  • UK fintech firm reaches for Ireland Brexit escape hatch
  • Lessons from the Mini: Before revamping or rebooting anything, please read this
  • Oh joy. You can now buy a gold plated quadcopter drone
  • What will happen when I'm too old to push? (buttons, that is)
  • Skys CEO drops MVNO bombshell at results conference
  • Hardware ain't hard, money is: Crowdfunding, bootstraps and startups
  • Sysadmin flees asbestos scare with disk drive, blank pay cheques, angry builders in pursuit
  • AMD is a rounding error on Intel's spreadsheet and that sucks for us all
  • Puppet shows its hand: All <i>your</i> software is belong to <i>us</i>
  • Glued-shut IT wallets hindered UK govt's programmes study
  • Slack whacks global account hijack holes
  • Rogue sysadmins the target of Microsoft's new 'Shielded VM' security
  • Fruity hacking group juiced by Microsoft's October patch parade
  • Two new dinosaurs walked from South America to Australia, via <i>Antarctica</i>
  • Spam scum ping global blacklists to wreck rep
  • IBM throws ISP under a bus for Australia's #Censusfail
  • Dirty COW explained: Get a moooo-ve on and patch Linux root hole
  • Google pays $100k to anti-malware crusader Giovanni Vigna
  • DIY website builder Weebly was secured feebly
  • Microsoft kinda did OK this quarter but whatever, Wall Street loves Satya Nadella
  • Verizon: Data center sale going nicely. Yahoo<i>!</i> bid? Not so much
  • Three million debit cards at risk after hackers raid Indian payment systems
  • Despite best efforts, fewer and fewer women are working in tech
  • File this: XtremIO to fling forth filer functionality
  • US DNC hackers blew through SIX zero-days vulns last year alone
  • Uni students float into Hyperloop finals with levitating prototype
  • Cheapest Apple iPhone 7's flash memory is waaaaay slower than pricier model
  • Boffins exploit Intel CPU weakness to run rings around code defenses
  • EU legal eagle: Euro court should review Intel's 1.6bn fine

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community sguniiztrii
    Oktomvri 22, 2016, 5:46 GMT

  • Ubuntu MATE, Not Just a Whim
  • Non-Linux FOSS: Screenshotting for Fun and Profit!
  • Nasdaq Selects Drupal 8
  • Canonical Ltd.'s Ubuntu Core
  • Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Netlist, Inc.'s HybriDIMM Storage Class Memory
  • Secure Desktops with Qubes: Compartmentalization
  • Polishing the wegrep Wrapper Script
  • Android Candy: More Life Gamification
  • LinkedIn's {py}gradle
  • A New Mental Model for Computers and Networks
  • Steven Ovadia's Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches (Manning Publications Co.)
  • Senet IoT Foundry
  • The Peculiar Case of Email in the Cloud
  • Linux Journal October 2016


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