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Linux портали
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Slashdot сгъниизтрии


Февруари 25, 2017, 9:17 GMT

  • Scientists Teach Bees How To Play Soccer
  • Fasting Diet 'Regenerates Diabetic Pancreas'
  • Appeals Court: You Have the Right To Film the Police
  • ZeniMax Files Injunction To Stop Oculus From Selling VR Headsets
  • Slashdot Asks: Are Curved TVs Worth It?
  • World's Largest Spam Botnet Adds DDoS Feature
  • FCC To Halt Rule That Protects Your Private Data From Security Breaches
  • Toshiba Plans To Ship a 1TB Flash Chip To Manufacturers This Spring
  • Security Lapse Exposed New York Airport's Critical Servers For a Year
  • Studios Push for $50 Early Home Movie Rentals
  • Boeing and Airbus Can't Make Enough Airplanes To Keep Up With Demand
  • Google Renames Messenger To Android Messages as the Company Pushes RCS
  • Americans Believe Robots Will Take Everyone Else's Job, But Theirs Will Be Safe, Study Says
  • Tesla Is So Sure Its Cars Are Safe That It Now Offers Insurance For Life
  • With No Fair Use, It's More Difficult to Innovate, Says Google
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Февруари 25, 2017, 10:43 GMT

    Февруари 25, 2017, 11:00 GMT

  • You Gotta Try DIY Virtual Reality, Even if You Make Hideous Things сгъниизтрии
    Февруари 25, 2017, 10:30 GMT

    Февруари 25, 2017, 10:43 GMT

  • LFD460 Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project
  • LFD420 Linux Kernel Internals and Development
  • “I Am A Mainframer” Interview Series: IBM
  • Takeaways from the Open Source Leadership Summit: Mainstream Open Source, Security, Policy, and Business Models
  • Persistent Memory Usage within Linux Environment by Maciej Maciejewski & Krzysztof Czurylo, Intel
  • This Week in Open Source News: Diversity Talk at OSLS Reveals Minority Challenges in Tech, ONAP Project Announced & More
  • How to Install Apache Directory Studio and Connect to an OpenLDAP Server
  • Persistent Memory Usage in Linux
  • Engineer Finds Passion and Community With Kids On Computers
  • OpenStack Sets its Sights on the Next Generation of Private Clouds

  • The Register сгъниизтрии
    Февруари 25, 2017, 6:25 GMT

  • NSA snoops told: Get your checkbooks and pens ready for a cyber-weapon shopping spree
  • Engineer who blew lid on Uber's toxic sexist culture now menaced by creepy 'smear campaign'
  • Don't worry about Privacy Shield, it's fine. Really. I promise, says US trade watchdog head
  • Toxic Uber sued after driver allegedly tried to rape passenger in car
  • Pai, Pai, Mr American spy: FCC supremo rips up privacy protections for broadband punters
  • Surveillance software boss thrown in the clink for cooking the books
  • Finally proof that Apple copies Samsung: iPhone 7 Plus halts, catches fire like a Galaxy Note 7
  • Brocade SAN sales butchered by hyper-converged upstarts
  • Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears
  • Artificial intelligence 'will save wearables'!
  • Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 data-sucking stoppage
  • Symbolic IO reveals tech bound to give server old guard the willies
  • Alert! The dastardly Dutch are sailing a 90-ship fleet at Blighty
  • Oh, irony of ironies: Gov.UK's transparency report reveals... nothing
  • New UK laws address driverless cars insurance and liability
  • Bring it BACK... with MODs! Psion 5 storms great tech revival poll
  • Facebook scoffed at $500m damages. Now Oculus faces nerd goggles injunction
  • Visit banter.com. More like International BANTS Machines, amirite?
  • BT, Ericsson square up to Arqiva, Samsung over 5G arms race
  • Red Hat’s Jen Krieger joins Continuous Lifecycle lineup as keynoter
  • I want it hot and wet – preferably with Wi-Fi
  • Can you fly with the Vultures? <i>The Reg</i> news desk is hiring
  • Omg, that is, like, sooo 2007... Retromania set to grip this year's MWC
  • Is your AI being handed to you by Google? Try Apache open source – Amazon's AWS did
  • Your future boss? An employee-interrogating bot – it's an open-source gift from Dropbox
  • Sysadmin's sole client was his wife – and she queried his bill
  • Google to annihilate online trolling with ... tra-la-la! Machine! Learning!
  • The final 5G technical performance specs have been set
  • For telcos and enterprise vendors, MWC 2017 will be an Edge/Fog/SDN/NFV-fest
  • Swedish politician wants weekly hour of paid sex. For exercise
  • Motorola's modular Moto Z: A fine phone for a weekend away
  • South Korea targeted by cyberspies (again). Kim, got something to say?
  • FCC lops off red tape around small US ISPs, y'know, things like having to own up about connection speeds
  • Cloudbleed: Big web brands leaked crypto keys, personal secrets thanks to Cloudflare bug
  • We want Waymo money from you! Uber sued for 'stealing self-driving car' blueprints from Alphabet
  • HPE CEO Whitman says everything's 'on the right track' as sales are literally decimated
  • How to nuke websites you don't like: Slam Google with millions of bogus DMCA takedowns
  • Amazon goes to court to stop US murder cops turning Echoes into Big Brother house spies
  • MIT goes down to the wire: Brain cable pipes electricity, chemicals, light straight into minds
  • I was authorized to trash my employer's network, sysadmin tells court
  • US 'security' biz trio Sentinel Labs, Vir2us, SpyChatter accused of lying about certification
  • People built AI bots to improve Wikipedia. Then they started squabbling in petty edit wars, sigh
  • 'First ever' SHA-1 hash collision calculated. All it took were five clever brains... and 6,610 years of processor time
  • Brit lords slip 30Mbps Universal Service Obligation into UK Digital Economy Bill
  • Ad men hope blocking has stalled as sites guilt users into switching off
  • Ex-employees sued for ?15m over data slurpage ordered to pay up just ?2
  • KCL external review blames whole IT team for mega-outage, leaves managers unshamed
  • Managed file transfer peeps Axway gobble sharetakers Syncplicity
  • Elon Musk promises Tesla investors Trump won't send him to Mars
  • Become a blockchain-secured space farmer with your hard drive

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community сгъниизтрии
    Февруари 25, 2017, 7:01 GMT

  • Smoothwall Express
  • Machine Learning Everywhere
  • Ensono M.O.
  • Understanding OpenStack's Success
  • Natalie Rusk's Scratch Coding Cards (No Starch Press)
  • Own Your DNS Data
  • IGEL Universal Desktop Converter
  • Simple Server Hardening
  • Server Technology's HDOT Alt-Phase Switched POPS PDU
  • Bash Shell Script: Building a Better March Madness Bracket
  • Nventify's Imagizer Cloud Engine
  • From vs. to + for Microsoft and Linux
  • Teradici's Cloud Access Platform: "Plug & Play" Cloud for the Enterprise
  • The Weather Outside Is Frightful (Or Is It?)
  • Understanding Firewalld in Multi-Zone Configurations

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