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21, 2018, 11:03 GMT

  • Latest Windows 10 Update Has Yet Another File-Managing Issue
  • Trolls Are Still Actively Trying to Influence Brexit and US Elections
  • Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight With Bits of Halley's Comet
  • Climate Modeller Wins $10,000 Wager Against Solar Physicists, Fails To Collect
  • Slashdot Asks: Should 'Crunch' Overtime Be Optional?
  • Popular Mechanics Defends Elon Musk -- While He Tweets About Fortnite
  • As PHP Group Patches High-Risk Bugs, 62% of Sites Still Use PHP 5
  • Bloodhound's 1,000 MPH Car Project Needs Money
  • Researchers Secretly Deployed A Bot That Submitted Bug-Fixing Pull Requests
  • NASA Has Explored Manned Missions To Venus
  • Watch What Happens When A Drone Slams Into An Airplane Wing
  • Sentimental Humans Launch A Movement to Save (Human) Driving
  • GitHub Launches 'Actions' -- Code That Can Be Run (and Maybe Monetized)
  • Equifax Web Site Designer Fined $50,000 And Confined To Home Over Insider Trading
  • HealthCare.gov Portal Suffers Data Breach Exposing 75,000 Customers
  • Search Slashdot stories

    21, 2018, 14:43 GMT

    21, 2018, 14:00 GMT

  • 21, 2018, 14:07 GMT

    04, 2017, 9:36 GMT

  • NEXmark: A Benchmarking Framework for Processing Data Streams
  • How Amazon and Red Hat Plan to Bridge Data Centers
  • The Case for Containerizing Middleware
  • Learn How to Fix a Django Bug from Beginning to End
  • Cloud Computing Continues to Influence HPC
  • Serverless Security Implications—From Infra to OWASP
  • 4 Ways to Take Control of your Wi-Fi Connections on Linux
  • Catch Up With The Linux Foundation at OpenStack Summit in Boston
  • Linux Kernel 4.11 ‘Fearless Coyote’ Released
  • Disruptive Collaboration: The Next Generation of Network Software and Hardware

  • The Register
    21, 2018, 11:25 GMT

  • A DeepMind library to help build reinforcement learning bots, and how Google's Pixel 3 cameras handle zoom
  • Apple boss demands Bloomberg Super Micro U-turn, Russian troll charged, NSA hands out cash, and more
  • Oz intel committee: Crypto-busting is only bad if you're a commie, and we're not by the way
  • FYI: Faking court orders to take down Google reviews is super illegal
  • London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat
  • Core-blimey! Riddle of Earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologists
  • Spotted: Miscreants use pilfered NSA hacking tools to pwn boxes in nuke, aerospace worlds
  • Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it EU
  • Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!
  • Ericsson's very good bad quarter, Mozilla encrypts SNI, new TIP projects, and more
  • Samsung claims key-value Z-SSD will be fastest flash ever
  • Yale Security Fail: 'Unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our Smart Living Home app
  • There's no 'I' in 'IMFT' because Micron intends to buy Intel out of 3D XPoint joint venture
  • Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs
  • Metadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: Go on. Bring us your unstructured stuff
  • Sounds like a massive, risky UK.gov scheme, but let's not keep too many tabs on it, OK?
  • Insects with farts that smell like coriander assist in covering up Paris's aroma d'urine
  • Peter Thiel's Palantir reportedly eyeing up $41bn IPO
  • European Commission: We've called off the lawyers over Ireland's late collection of Apple back taxes
  • It's Two Spacecraft, One Mission as BepiColombo gets ready to launch
  • Have you made DevOps, Containers or CD work for you? Tell us about it
  • Ex-Huawei man claims Chinese giant is suing his startup to 'surpass' US tech dominance
  • Silent running: Computer sounds are so '90s
  • Anonymous Amazonian demands withdrawal of face-recog kit from sale
  • Haunted disk-drive? This story will give you the chills...
  • You like HTTPS. We like HTTPS. Except when a quirk of TLS can smash someone's web privacy
  • FYI: Drone maker DJI's 'Get it on Google Play' website button definitely does not get the app from Google Play...
  • From dank memes to Krispy Kremes: British uni eggheads claim viral lol pics make kids fat
  • Finally, a use for AI and good old-fashioned simulations: Hunting down E.T. in outer space
  • F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security'
  • Oz to turn pirates into vampires: You won't see their images in mirrors
  • Good news: Largest, most ancient known galaxy supercluster is spotted. Bad news: It's collapsing on itself
  • Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel
  • All through the house, not a creature was stirring... especially Samsung smartwatches: Batteries empty at 3AM
  • Talk about a curveball: Microsoft director of sports marketing fired, charged with fraud over 'fake' invoices
  • Equifax exec's inside trade shame: Software boss sentenced for mega-hack stock profit
  • SAP: We're all about the cloud never mind those stagnating software numbers
  • Apple to dump Intel CPUs from Macs for Arm yup, the rumor that just won't die is back
  • Love Microsoft Teams? Love Linux? Then you won't love this
  • WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips
  • Brace yourself, Britain: Health minister shares 'vision' for NHS 'tech revolution'
  • Android creator Andy Rubin's firm might think its phone is Essential, but 30% of staff are not
  • SCISYS sidesteps Brexit: Proposes Irish listing to keep EU space work rolling in
  • Ding ding! Round Two: Second annual review for transatlantic data flow deal Privacy Shield
  • UK defence secretary ponders ?50m hit to terminate Capita recruiting contract
  • Microsoft points to a golden future where you can make Windows 10 your own
  • Arm cozies up to Intel for second time in a week this time to borrow tools from Yocto Project for Mbed Linux
  • UK Home Office admits ?200m Emergency Services Network savings 'delayed'
  • Come on, Cisco bug-hunters: No terrifying critical vulns? Are you saving for Halloween?
  • Enterprise Java caretakers float new rules of engagement for future feature updates

  • Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
    08, 2018, 19:38 GMT

  • Best Programming Language
  • Matthew Garrett Calls on Symantec to Share Its Code, EFF Questions Google's Work on Project Maven and More
  • Tackling L33t-Speak
  • Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0, NixOS New Release, Slimbook Curve and More
  • VIDEO: When Linux Demos Go Wrong
  • How Wizards and Muggles Break Free from the Matrix
  • Richard Stallman's Privacy Proposal, Valve's Commitment to Linux, New WordPress Update and More
  • How the EU's Copyright Reform Threatens Open Source--and How to Fight It
  • Caption This
  • Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality Browser for Mixed Reality, GnuCash 3.0 New Release and More
  • Now Available: April 2018 issue of Linux Journal
  • Linux 4.16 Released, SLES SP3 for Raspberry Pi, Cloudflare Launches the Privacy-First DNS Service and More
  • Weekend Reading: Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Best Content Management System
  • Happy 20th Anniversary to Mozilla, New pfSense Version, Android HiddenMiner Malware and More

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