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04, 2022, 15:50 GMT

  • New York Hires McKinsey for Containerization Study
  • Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded To 3 Scientists for Work in Quantum Technology
  • Apple Will Be Forced To Use New Charger After EU Votes for USB-C
  • Nuclear Fusion Plant To Be Built On Site of Britain's Last Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Google Shuts Down Translate Service In China
  • Universities Adapt To Google's New Storage Fees, Or Migrate Away Entirely
  • NYU Organic Chemistry Professor Terminated For Tough Grading
  • Apple Loses Second Bid To Challenge Qualcomm Patents At US Supreme Court
  • How Twitter Serves As the Town Hall of Crypto
  • Bruce Willis Denies Selling Rights To His Face
  • Amazon Launches Dedicated Hub For Its Affordable Shopping Options
  • FCC Threatens To Block Calls From Carriers For Letting Robocalls Run Rampant
  • Fandom Buys TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot and Other Brands For About $50 Million In Cash
  • Linux 6.0 Arrives With Support For Newer Chips, Core Fixes, and Oddities
  • US Said To Plan New Limits on China's AI and Supercomputing Firms
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    19, 2019, 21:43 GMT

    GNU Linux-Libre 6.0 Kernel Released
    04, 2022, 15:10 GMT

    30, 2018, 19:07 GMT

    04, 2022, 13:00 GMT

    The Register
    04, 2022, 14:30 GMT

  • Infosys must face claims it told recruiter not to hire women with kids 'at home'
  • Samsung gears up for 2nm chips in 2025, 1.4nm by 2027
  • Cult leader meets the Pope: Apple CEO chats to Francis
  • Don't mind Facebook, just putting its own browser in its Android app
  • UK.gov's decision on Newport Wafer Fab ownership delayed for third time
  • You thought you bought software – all you bought was a lie
  • UK hits Russia with British IT services ban
  • Someone's at last helping AI models understand those with speech disabilities
  • Foldable smartphones crawl to one percent of global market share
  • Japanese sushi chain boss resigns amid accusation of improper data access
  • India’s Mars Orbiter Mission loses contact, burns all fuel, deemed ‘non-recoverable’
  • NetScaler reclaims its identity after Citrix and Tibco merge as ‘Cloud Software Group’
  • Xiaomi India names Qualcomm as destination for allegedly illegal payments
  • This rumor needs to Die Hard: Bruce Willis denies selling face to deepfake biz
  • Atlassian, Microsoft bugs on CISA’s must-patch list after exploitation spree
  • Online romance scamlord who netted $9.5m jailed for 25 years
  • Remote work wipes $453b off office real estate
  • FYI: TikTok tracking pixels can be found all over the web – just like Meta, Google
  • From today, America and UK follow new rules on how they can demand your data from each other
  • It's 2058. A quantum computer is just another decade away. Still, you curse Cloudflare
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness program 18 years on: Don't click that
  • FBI: We tracked who was printing secret documents to unmask ex-NSA suspect
  • Big changes coming in Debian 12: Some parts won't be FOSS
  • PostgreSQL 15 promises to ease Oracle and SQL Server migrations
  • FCC takes on robotexts. Good news if your dad thinks IRS gives SMS rebates
  • Will Intel's Mobileye IPO drive further fab funding?
  • Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst drowns data lakehouse concept
  • EU semiconductor investment not nearly enough, warns chip boss
  • Vodafone and Three's UK arms locked in merger talks
  • Tesla has a lot of work to do on its Optimus robot
  • Google Translate dropped in mainland China
  • Founder of cybersecurity firm Acronis is afraid of his own vacuum cleaner
  • Between ransomware and month-long engagements, IR teams need a hug – and a nap
  • Bank of England puts cloud analytics on todo list after seeing off market collapse
  • The open internet repels its most insidious attackers. They’ll return
  • Tetchy trainee turned the lights down low to teach turgid lecturer a lesson
  • Moody's turns up the heat on 'riskiest' sectors for cyberattacks
  • Samsung’s Smart Monitor tries too hard to be clever
  • Linux kernel 6.0 debuts, Linus Torvalds teases ‘core new things’ coming in version 6.1
  • Steganography alert: Backdoor spyware stashed in Microsoft logo
  • BlackCat malware lashes out at US defense IT contractor
  • Text-to-image models are so last month, text-to-video is here
  • Gone in a day: Ethical hackers say it would take mere hours to empty your network
  • Fake vibrating teeth could make great hearing aids
  • Google delays execution of doomed Chrome extensions
  • As Hurricane Ian hits, FCC rules cell carriers must help each other in disasters
  • Google Cloud is super keen to keep certain customers on pricey Intel VMs
  • Apropos of nothing, US intel wants to improve low-dose radiation detection
  • China spins up giant battery built with US-patented tech
  • Japan 5G network tests Arm chips, claims power draw down by 72%

  • Linux Journal News
    04, 2022, 9:04 GMT

  • What’s New in Debian 11 “Bullseye”?
  • Nvidia Linux drivers causing random hard crashes and now a major security risk still not fixed after 5+ months
  • MuseScore Created New Font in Memory of Original SCORE Program Creator
  • Virtual Machine Startup Shells Closes the Digital Divide One Cloud Computer at a Time
  • Ubuntu 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” Arrives With Linux 5.8, GNOME 3.38, Raspberry Pi 4 Support
  • Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Will Arrive In Mid-December With Chromium, WebApp Manager
  • Newest IPFire Release Includes Security Fixes and Additional Hardware Support (IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 147)
  • Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" Cinnamon Now Available, IBM Has Transformed Its Software to Be Cloud-Native and Run on Any Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift, Icinga Web 2.7.0 Released, Google Rolling Out Android Auto Design Updates and Kernel 5.1 Reaches End of Life
  • Canonical Announces the Availability of Xibo as a Snap, Chrome 76 Released, Viruses Discovered in LibreOffice, Pop!_OS 18.10 Reaches End of Life, and Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security Warns of Microsoft Office Online Privacy Risks
  • Collabora Announces xrdesktop, Blender 2.8 Released, Arduino Selects Auth0 as Its Identity Management Platform of Choice, Microway Showcasing Its Data Science WhisperStation at PEARC19 and KDE Plasma Maintenance Update

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