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Linux портали
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Slashdot сгъниизтрии


Август 01, 2021, 15:50 GMT

  • Remote Work Without VPN Patches? Govt Security Agencies Reveal Most Exploited Vulnerabilities
  • Jodie Whittaker and Showrunner Chris Chibnall To Leave 'Doctor Who'
  • UK Pharmaceutical Firm Fined For Hiking Drug Price 6,000%
  • Is Remote Work Forcing Smaller Cities to Compete With Big Tech Salaries?
  • It's the Hottest Job Market in 20 Years for Tech Workers
  • In Hawaii, Robot Dogs Join the Police Force
  • Chinese Hackers Used Mesh of Home Routers To Disguise Attacks
  • Free Software Foundation Will Fund Papers on Issues Around Microsoft's 'GitHub Copilot'
  • US Justice Department Says Russians Hacked Its Federal Prosecutors
  • Nobel Winner Steven Weinberg, Who Unified Two of Physics' Fundamental Forces, Has Died
  • Tech Companies Praised for 'Pandemic Leadership', Vaccine Mandates
  • Texas Instruments' New Calculator Will Run Programs Written in Python
  • Rocket Lab Successfully Carries a US Military Satellite Into Orbit
  • Early Virus Sequences 'Mysteriously' Deleted Have Been Not-So-Mysteriously Undeleted
  • A Pilot Reported Another 'Possible Jet Pack Man' Near Los Angeles
  • Search Slashdot stories

    Юни 19, 2019, 21:43 GMT

    Tootle – GTK Client for Mastodon сгъниизтрии
    Август 01, 2021, 17:10 GMT

    Октомври 30, 2018, 19:07 GMT

    Август 01, 2021, 13:00 GMT

    The Register сгъниизтрии
    Август 01, 2021, 14:30 GMT

  • Tech spec experts seek allies to tear down ISO standards paywall
  • Sysadmins: Why not simply verify there's no backdoor in every program you install, and thus avoid any cyber-drama?
  • Euro watchdog will try to extract $900m from Amazon for breaking data privacy laws
  • Russia says software malfunction caused Nauka module to unexpectedly fire thrusters, tilt space station
  • HP Inc slurps Teradici to get better at delivering remote PCs
  • '$6 in every $10' spent on cloud infrastructure is with AWS, Microsoft, or Google
  • Here's 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West, beams RiskIQ
  • Google picked as yet another 'strategic partner' for SAP's RISE but Microsoft still lingers on the scene
  • UK regulator waves through SK Hynix's $9bn acquisition of Intel's NAND and SSD biz
  • Happy 60th, Sinclair Radionics: We'll remember you for your revolutionary calculators and crap watches
  • TelefГіnica's cloud limb slurps Cancom's UK&I biz to cash in on Brit enterprise tech market
  • Contractors argue umbrella companies need improved regulation, not outright ban
  • On this most auspicious of days, we ask: How many sysadmins does it take to change a lightbulb?
  • London class-action sueball against Google is a lot like Epic's case except fandroids might win enough for a pint
  • Ordinary salaried Brits: Sweet! Payday! Banking giant HSBC: Oh no it isn't
  • What to do with our leftover Saturn V Lego? Why, build another rocket, of course
  • You MUST present your official ID (but only the one that's really easy to fake)
  • Intel scoops out five flavours of Ice Lake Xeons for workstations
  • Malware and Trojans, but there's only one horse the boss man wants to hear about
  • AWS growing so fast its revenue makes it bigger than Cisco or HP
  • We can't believe people use browsers to manage their passwords, says maker of password management tools
  • Giant Tesla battery providing explosion in renewable energy – not as intended
  • <i>The Register</i> just found 300-odd Itanium CPUs on eBay
  • Communism never looked so good: China cracks down on pop-up ads
  • International Space Station stabilizes after just-docked Russian module suddenly fires thrusters
  • Google Play puts Android apps on notice: No naughty JavaScript, Python, Lua
  • Huawei says its latest flagship smartphones lack 5G, blames US sanctions
  • Time for a 'great experiment' says Cisco as it lets team leaders set place of work
  • Privacy proves elusive in Google's Privacy Sandbox
  • Thanks for the memory: Add Samsung to the list of tech giants raking it in despite supply concerns
  • Bill for HMS Vanity Gin Palace swells by ВЈ50m in two months
  • Have you turned it off and on again? Russia's Nauka module just about makes it to the ISS
  • Spam is Chipotle's secret ingredient: Marketing email hijacked to dish up malware
  • Upcoming Android privacy changes include ability to blank advertising ID, and 'safety section' in Play store
  • NoSQL Couchbase launches schema-like features to take on the transactional databases of the relational world
  • BT says it's trading in line with expectations as revenue slides and pre-tax profit shrinks
  • Red Hat buddies up with Nutanix to provide an escape route from VMware
  • NFT or not to NFT: Steve Jobs' first job application auction shows physically unique beats cryptographically unique
  • Qualcomm's bumper Q3 growth comes with supply constraints warning, but Intel may ride to the rescue
  • Microsoft's new 'power app converging model' hits public preview with Custom Pages
  • Equiniti wins Northern Ireland Finance Department contract to build land revenue system... 4 years after project proposed
  • Hard drives at Autonomy offices were destroyed the same month CEO Lynch quit, extradition trial was told
  • Beige pencil stockists on high alert as 'Colouring Book of Retro Computers' hits the crowdfunding circuit
  • Ex-health secretary said 'vast majority' were 'onside' with GP data grab. Consumer champion Which? reckons 20 million don't even know what it is
  • Israeli authorities investigate NSO Group over Pegasus spyware abuse claims
  • Here's a list of the flaws Russia, China, Iran and pals exploit most often, say Five Eyes infosec agencies
  • Hungarian tech store closed by World War II bomb
  • 'Woefully insufficient': Biden administration's assessment of critical infrastructure infosec protection
  • Over 100 Taiwanese political figures' messages leaked outta LINE app
  • AWS to retire EC2-Classic – the network glue that helped start the IaaS rush

  • Linux Journal News сгъниизтрии
    Август 01, 2021, 9:04 GMT

  • Nvidia Linux drivers causing random hard crashes and now a major security risk still not fixed after 5+ months
  • MuseScore Created New Font in Memory of Original SCORE Program Creator
  • Virtual Machine Startup Shells Closes the Digital Divide One Cloud Computer at a Time
  • Ubuntu 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” Arrives With Linux 5.8, GNOME 3.38, Raspberry Pi 4 Support
  • Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Will Arrive In Mid-December With Chromium, WebApp Manager
  • Newest IPFire Release Includes Security Fixes and Additional Hardware Support (IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 147)
  • Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" Cinnamon Now Available, IBM Has Transformed Its Software to Be Cloud-Native and Run on Any Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift, Icinga Web 2.7.0 Released, Google Rolling Out Android Auto Design Updates and Kernel 5.1 Reaches End of Life
  • Canonical Announces the Availability of Xibo as a Snap, Chrome 76 Released, Viruses Discovered in LibreOffice, Pop!_OS 18.10 Reaches End of Life, and Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security Warns of Microsoft Office Online Privacy Risks
  • Collabora Announces xrdesktop, Blender 2.8 Released, Arduino Selects Auth0 as Its Identity Management Platform of Choice, Microway Showcasing Its Data Science WhisperStation at PEARC19 and KDE Plasma Maintenance Update
  • Linux Ending Support for the Floppy Drive, Unity 2019.2 Launches Today, Purism Unveils Final Librem 5 Smartphone Specs, First Kernel Security Update for Debian 10 "Buster" Is Out, and Twitter Is Switching from Mesos to Kubernetes

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