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17, 2021, 23:50 GMT

  • Rotten Tomatoes Is Launching a Linear Streaming Channel
  • Nuclear Reactions at Chernobyl Are Spiking in an Inaccessible Chamber
  • Censorship, Surveillance and Profits: A Hard Bargain for Apple in China
  • Parler Returns To Apple's App Store
  • Amid Public Pressure Audacity Says It Will Not Collect Telemetry Data From Users
  • Apple and Microsoft's Rivalry Had Cooled. Now It's Back and Getting Testier
  • Apple Music is Getting Lossless and Spatial Audio Support
  • Microsoft Teams Launches For Friends and Family With Free All-Day Video Calling
  • Microsoft's LinkedIn Accused by Noted China Critic of Censorship
  • AT&T Merges Media Assets With Discovery in Blockbuster Deal
  • Alexa/Echo Owners Become Part of Amazon's Massive 'Sidewalk' Mesh Network By Default
  • Peter Thiel Helps Fund an App That Tells You What to Do
  • Microsoft Funds a Team with Guido van Rossum to Double the Speed of Python
  • US Lawmakers Could Restrict the Use of Non-Compete Agreements
  • Aluminum-Ion Battery Claimed to Charge 60 Times Faster, Hold 3X the Energy
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  • Eufycam Wi-Fi security cameras streamed video feeds from other people's homes
  • Apple announces lossless HD audio at no extra cost, then Amazon Music does too. The ball is now in Spotify's court
  • Fleet would Mac? Microsoft's Azure VPN Client for Apple machines hits public preview
  • Microsoft sheds some light on perplexing Outlook blank email incident: Word was to blame
  • Axa insurance offshoots pwned as Ireland reveals second ransomware hit
  • LG intranet leaks suggest internal firesale of unsold, unreleased smartphones as biz exits the mobile market
  • Reports link Bill Gates' departure from Microsoft board in 2020 with probe into employee affair
  • Oracle sues Envisage claiming unauthorized database use amid licensing crackdown
  • Space is hard: Rocket Lab's 20th Electron launch fails
  • Staying in the UK this summer? Good news: Temples of IT nerdery are reopening
  • We'd love to report on the outcome of the CREST exam cheatsheet probe, but UK infosec body won't publish it
  • Are you ready to take a stand? Flexispot E7 motorised desk should handle whatever you dump on it – but it's not cheap
  • Mammoth grab of GP patient data in the UK set to benefit private-sector market access as rules remain unchanged
  • When the chips are down, Intel's biggest gamble isn't what to do – it's whom to do it with
  • Apple sent my data to the FBI, says boss of controversial research paper trove Sci-Hub
  • The future is now, old man: Let the young guns show how to properly cock things up
  • Indonesian web giants Gojek and Tokopedia merge to create Asian super-app
  • Campaigns propose new rules to protect contractors from rogue umbrella companies
  • Indian telcos giving away services as customers fear going outside to top up their accounts
  • Singapore bolsters Bluetooth contact-tracing as new COVID wave sends students and workers home again
  • Data is the new currency … so what’s in your wallet?
  • China signals dissatisfaction with gig economy impact on ride-share drivers
  • This week in AI: Man arrested after cops say he rode in backseat of Autopilot Tesla
  • China says its first Mars rover Zhurong has landed on the Red Planet
  • Google leads Big Tech effort to ensure H-1B spouses can continue working in America
  • AMD promises to spend $1.6bn on 12nm, 14nm chips from GlobalFoundries
  • Audacity's new management hits rewind on telemetry plans following community outrage
  • Apple's expert witness grilled by Epic over 'frictionless' spending outside the app
  • Facebook Giphy merger stays on ice after failed challenge to UK competition regulator
  • Free SANS Cyber Security Summits: Sign up now, learn online, keep your network safe
  • 10.8 million UK homes now have access to gigabit-capable broadband, with much of the legwork done by Virgin Media
  • Tor users, beware: 'Scheme flooding' technique may be used to deanonymize you
  • NASA pops old-school worm logo onto Orion spacecraft
  • Hospitals cancel outpatient appointments as Irish health service struck by ransomware
  • Rapping otters and automated database knob-twiddling: An obvious combination in some universe or other
  • NHS-backed org reacted to GitHub leak disclosure with legal threats and police call, complains IT pro
  • For the marketeer that has everything – except a CPU fan
  • Your private data has been nabbed: Please update your life as soon as possible while we deflect responsibility
  • Chinese AI censors live-streamed Alpacas – beasts with a very NSFW and political back story
  • Protip: If Joe Public reports that your kit is broken, maybe check that it is actually broken
  • South Korea creates $451bn semiconductor stimulus package
  • An actress, an internet billionaire, and Tom Cruise walk into a space station ... not necessarily at the same time
  • RIP Spencer Silver: Inventor of the Post-it Note, aka the office password reminder, dies
  • Cloudflare launches campaign to ‘end the madness’ of CAPTCHAs
  • Alibaba Cloud growth slows after mystery international customer - maybe ByteDance - quits over ‘non-product related’ factors
  • Italian monopoly watchdog asks Google to cough up a few euros for illegally blocking an Android Auto app
  • Guy who wrote women are 'soft, weak, cosseted, naive' lasted about a month at Apple until internal revolt
  • Open-source developers under corporate pressure to adopt less-permissive licenses, Percona CEO says
  • You’re heading to the cloud – congratulations. Now, where’s your data?
  • Microsoft's cloud gets JAMstacked: Azure Static Web Apps greenlit for production

  • Linux Journal News
    17, 2021, 23:04 GMT

  • Nvidia Linux drivers causing random hard crashes and now a major security risk still not fixed after 5+ months
  • MuseScore Created New Font in Memory of Original SCORE Program Creator
  • Virtual Machine Startup Shells Closes the Digital Divide One Cloud Computer at a Time
  • Ubuntu 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” Arrives With Linux 5.8, GNOME 3.38, Raspberry Pi 4 Support
  • Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Will Arrive In Mid-December With Chromium, WebApp Manager
  • Newest IPFire Release Includes Security Fixes and Additional Hardware Support (IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 147)
  • Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" Cinnamon Now Available, IBM Has Transformed Its Software to Be Cloud-Native and Run on Any Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift, Icinga Web 2.7.0 Released, Google Rolling Out Android Auto Design Updates and Kernel 5.1 Reaches End of Life
  • Canonical Announces the Availability of Xibo as a Snap, Chrome 76 Released, Viruses Discovered in LibreOffice, Pop!_OS 18.10 Reaches End of Life, and Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security Warns of Microsoft Office Online Privacy Risks
  • Collabora Announces xrdesktop, Blender 2.8 Released, Arduino Selects Auth0 as Its Identity Management Platform of Choice, Microway Showcasing Its Data Science WhisperStation at PEARC19 and KDE Plasma Maintenance Update
  • Linux Ending Support for the Floppy Drive, Unity 2019.2 Launches Today, Purism Unveils Final Librem 5 Smartphone Specs, First Kernel Security Update for Debian 10 "Buster" Is Out, and Twitter Is Switching from Mesos to Kubernetes

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